Thursday, November 9, 2017

Meet Four Hottest Japanese Female DJs -Brought To You by Club Asahi

Don’t miss your chance to see Four Japanese hottest female DJ HILOCO a.k.a. neroDoll, DJ YUKIO and DJ Hannah Ichiko spinning live in Malaysia! 

Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No.1 beer, is bringing to life the unique and colourful J-subculture vibes through a series of Club Asahi’s EDM dance parties. There will be eight club-based Club Asahi parties happening from 20 October to 2 December across Klang Valley, Penang and Melaka with Japan’s hottest celebrity female DJs - DJ HILOCO a.k.a. neroDoll, DJ LICCA, DJ YUKIO and DJ Hannah Ichiko.

At Club Asahi, immersion began as ravers step into an electrifying playground that gets their heart racing and mind bewildered. Ravers can sip a great brew of ice-cold Asahi Super Dry, walk through the cool fog screen and cascading lights, and capture moments that mirror the bright kaleidoscopic Akihabara city. To elevate the experience, some corners of the club are filled with arcade game machines that feature over 600 games, among which are the Street Fighter, King of Fighter, Bubbles, Pac Man, Metal Slug, 1942, Marvel VS Capcom, Bomberman and more! 

Charles Wong, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said, “Asahi Super Dry, our premium lager beer, is brewed using a unique Karakuchi style to give a clean, crisp and refreshing taste with no bitter aftertaste. Club Asahi, which is known for its ultra-cool and sophisticated neoteric ambience, has been designed to elevate the Asahi Super Dry consumer engagement.” 

“With an aim of providing Asahi Super Dry fans with the ultra-Japan experience, we are exposing some of the unique and colourful J-subculture vibes through a series of eight Club Asahi’s EDM dance parties this year. Asahi Super Dry is not just about music and drinking. It is all about meeting new people, being engulfed in cool and trendy elements from a diverse culture and enjoying a great night out with like-minded people,” added Wong. 

Over hundreds of party, goers flocked FUZE Club KL and Red Room at Trec KL on a Friday and Saturday nights of 20 and 21 October as Club Asahi brewed the best beats with one of the Osaka’s top female DJ – DJ LICCA. On these two special nights, both clubs were amazingly packed with ravers flooring in at late hours to feel the cold glass of Asahi Super Dry in their hands, tasting the refreshing brew as they reeled in the vivid neon lights accompanied by the deep house beats of DJ LICCA. LICCA’s electrifying performance that featured top dance hits such as ‘Ciao’ and ‘We Wanna Party’ charged through with her transducive array of Hip Hop songs with techno beats. The night got even more excited when club dancers, clad in head-turning outfits, joined the charged-up crowd and performed mind-blowing choreography. 

There are still chances for fans to catch Japan’s hottest DJ HILOCO a.k.a. neroDoll, DJ Hannah Ichiko and DJ YUKIO performing live alongside club resident DJs at Club Asahi in Malaysia. DJ Hannah Ichiko will be performing at OZOO Club, Penang on 3 November and VIBES Club at Trec KL on 4 November. DJ HILOCO a.k.a. neroDoll will take the main stage at MiXX Melacca on 17 November and FUZE Club, KL on 18 November. DJ Yukio will turn up the heat at MOIS Club, Penang on 1 December and PLAY Club, KL on 2 December.

DJs  Club Asahi’s Venues 

FUZE Club, KL 
20 October 2017

21 October 2017

DJ Hannah Ichiko 
OZOO Club, Penang 
3 November 2017

VIBES Club, Trec KL 
4 November 2017

DJ HILOCO a.k.a neroDoll 
MiXX, Malacca 
17 November 2017

FUZE Club, KL 
18 November 2017

DJ Yukio 
MOIS, Upper Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang 
1 December 2017

PLAY, the Roof, KL 
2 December 2017