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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant @Sheraton Petaling Jaya | Exquisite Japanese Dining

Petaling Jaya Food Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Sheraton Petaling Jaya has just opened its door recently. Miyabi Sheraton Petaling Jaya offers an exquisite Japanese dining experience from the food which is prepared by Chef Dino to the decor and ambience of a modern concept Japanese restaurant.

We are honoured to be invited to review this newly minted restaurant Miyabi which is located on the Level 3A of the Sheraton Hotel Petaling Jaya. For more information, you can check out Sheraton Petaling Jaya facebook page

Upon entry to the Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Sheraton Petaling Jaya, you are greeted to the traditional Japanese greetings that welcome its' guest into the restaurant.

According to the Restaurant Manager, there are six private rooms where you can entertain your families and business guests. At one of the rooms, there is an open concept kitchen where you can watch the Chef in action preparing your dishes privately.

For our review, we started with an appetizer which is Nama Kaki Special (Set of 2 pcs at RM85.00 per set). It is a Fresh Oyster which is served with toppings of Salmon Roe, Sea Urchin, Flying Fish Row, Quail Egg Yolk with a Yuzu sauce. The Fresh Oyster was very succulent with its' natural salty taste and was perfectly matched with the other prized ingredient. In a nutshell, you are able to taste the different taste, texture and the special popping sensation of the bursting roe. Simply marvellous start to this review.

This is then followed by my favourite dish which is the Sashimi Moraiwase (RM400.00 per set) - a sashimi set collection from the Chef which consist of 8 different type of Fresh Imported Fish from Japan with a serving of 3 pieces of this delicious treat. The freshness level was as fresh as you could get. Every single piece of the fish has the right texture and taste which went perfectly with the freshly grated wasabi and soy sauce.

Moving on; we were served the Tempura Moriawase (RM48.00 per set) which consist of an assortment of tempura seafood and vegetables. The tempura batter was just nice with a waffle thin crust that literally melts in your mouth.

After the tempura, we were served the Watarari Kani Unagi Harumaki (RM75.00 per set). Instead of using seaweed, the chef has improvised to use rice paper (like the Vietnamese rice roll). Sandwiched in between the rolls are freshly fried soft shell crab tempura, with an inset of Japanese eel, avocado, lettuce and cucumber with a sesame dressing. Again this dish; provide your taste buds with a different texture from crisp, firm and crunchy all in one bite.

I love the fact that Chef Dino with more than 40 over years experience; takes great pain in articulating his dishes that captivate your taste and dining experience in one dish. Next; we were served another masterpiece Maki which is Miyabi Special Maki (RM80.00 per portion). In between the Maki, you will find a Fried Breaded Prawn, Soft Shell Crab, Japanese Eel and vegetable.

The second last dish before desserts that is served to us is the Gindara Karashi Moro (RM120.00). A simple dish where the White Cod Fish is lightly pan-fried; this is to enable one to taste the codfish flavour and served with an in-house prepared concoction of a Spicy Malted Barley Bean Paste.

And the final dish of the evening is the Gyuniku Australian Tenderloin (RM150.00 per portion). Using the prized cut tenderloin; the beef is cooked teppanyaki style. For me, it was cooked to medium done as I prefer my tenderloin to be cooked medium rare so that we could really taste the natural flavours and juices of the peppery meat. This dish is also served with the teppan style vegetables as a side together with a fresh salad and accompanied with the sauce and condiments.

For desserts; we were served the Green Tea Caramel With Azuki Red Bean (RM18.00).

Overall, dining at Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Sheraton Petaling Jaya allows one to experience the finer details of the preparation and the use of the top quality ingredient that bring forth the natural flavour and taste.

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