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RAUB DURIAN FARM Orchard Visit And Durian Buffet @Durian Wonderland

Raub Pahang - The Musang King Durian Town

Raub Durian Farm Orchard Visit And Durian Buffet @Durian Wonderland

The Raub town in Pahang is the also popularly known as the Musang King Town where there are many durian orchards and farm surroundings this serene town. The Musang King varieties is most planted in this town and henceforth as known as the Musang King Town

Young Durian tree at Durian Wonderland
Young Durian Tree at Durian Wonderland 

Raub durian season will start in the month of July 2018. For fans of Musang King, the wait is counting down to taste one of the best King Of Fruit variety. We had a first-hand look recently to explore the hype about this to a number of durian orchard courtesy of Durian Wonderland.

Durian Tree Grafting Durian Wonderland
Durian Tree Grafting

Durian Wonderland has more than 60 acres of land in and around Raub Pahang which has been planted with this prized varieties of Musang King durian. Ranging from young farm to mature orchard, Durian Wonderland has pioneered the process of getting maximum yield per tree thru its investment in the water, drainage and management system to ensure that the durian tree is nurtured in the best possible environment.

Water Pump Station at Durian Wonderland
Water Pump Station

During our farm/orchard visit, we can see that the pathway and lining of each of the durian trees are well spaced to create a conducive environment for the durian tree to grow. Each durian tree is supplied with a water sprinkling system to ensure nutrient and water are sent to each of these trees.
With this control and time-based function; the number of staff required will be at a minimum. According to the owner; this is a very efficient way to ensure the timely delivery of the nutrient which is added to the water are delivered to each of the trees.

Auto Sprinkler System at Durian Wonderland
Auto Sprinkler System

Another key importance is the cleanliness of the durian farm orchard. We notice that the grass is well kept and are constantly being trimmed. This reduces the chances of mosquito breeding and other insects and pests that might be lurking around. We were at the farm in the middle of nowhere for more than 2 hours and did not encounter even one mosquito - quite fascinating.

Frozen Durian For Export at Durian Wonderland
Frozen Durian For Export
As most of the Musang King durian from Durian Wonderland is slated for export; there are a few standards that need to be maintained at each of the farm/orchards at all time.

Grade B Durian at Durian Wonderland
Grade B Durian That Are Removed

For this priced Musang King Durian; the harvesting is another key process. Each day the worker will scout around each tree to ensure that only grade A quality will be allowed to grow. The B and lesser grade are cut off from the tree to ensure only the Grade A is left to flourish. A stroll around the estate we see a lot of small little durians littered around the pathway. These are the B-Grade Musang King that are trimmed off.

Musang King at Durian Wonderland

At Durian Wonderland Kuala Lipis farm which is more than 20 over years; there are a number of varieties of durian that are planted here which includes the D24 varieties, D101, Golden Phoenix and of course the prized Musang King.

Harvesting Musang King at Durian Wonderland
Harvesting Musang King at Durian Wonderland 

Although not really in full season we got to taste these few varieties at the farm. Eating durian at the farm really makes a lot of difference. With the chirping birds and other interesting sounds of the forest, the kampung ambience was so perfect setting for a nice durian buffet in the middle of the durian farm.

Harvesting Musang King at Durian Wonderland

What's more, we were lucky that there were a few durians which were freshly harvested for us to taste as well, although the quality will not be as good as in full season. You can't get to eat durian any fresher from this. 

Durian Buffet D101 at Durian Wonderland

We started off with the D101

Durian Kampung Buffet at Durian Wonderland

then the Kampung Durian, Golden Phoneix 

Raub Musang King Durian Buffet at Durian Wonderland

and lastly the Musang King 

Frozen Musang King Durian Buffet at Durian Wonderland

And yes, we have a taste  Frozen Durian in whole for the first which is the Frozen Musang King. Notice the ice forming at the fruit and husk.

Frozen Golden Phoenix Durian Buffet at Durian Wonderland

while the second one is the Frozen Golden Phoenix. These are the types of Frozen that the China consumers prefer. It is like eating durian ice cream. But as a Durian aficionado, eating durian as it is fresh from the husk is the best way you can ever have to taste the prized durian.

Our last stop is to the new develop Durian Farm which is located next to the trunk road leading to Kuala Lipis. This farm is fully planted with Musang King varieties. You can view the young durian tree with an elaborate water system that pumps water and nutrients to each and every tree on the farm.

Young Durian Farm Kuala Lipis at Durian Wonderland

The age of each durian is between 3 to 8 months and according to Ah Fatt, each month, the tree growth is around 1 feet and he said that in 2.5 years to 3, we could see the first harvest from this trees.

Bentong Durian Buffet Stall at Durian Wonderland

As part of the effort to promote the eating durian culture, Durian Wonderland has a small farm in Bentong. At this farm during the full season of Durian, they will have a Durian Buffet at this place. So durian fans, do watch out and find out the latest info on this durian buffet at the durian stall in Bentong offering from Durian Wonderland Facebook page on the date availability for the Durian Buffet.

Raub Durian Farm Orchard

Overall this few durian farm visit in Raub and Kuala Lipis has been a very nice experience on how to plant a good grade Musang King Durian and henceforth our deepest appreciation of the taste, flavour and aroma of this species of durian the next time we have a durian feast.

Durian Wonderland also offers the Durian Farm Orchard visit; you can make the arrangement with them thru their Durian Wonderland website.

Durian Wonderland Bentong Durian Buffet Stall Location Address Map

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