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THE 6 PHASES OF COVID-19 - The ITALIAN experience and A Warning to All Malaysian

* 6 Phase Covid-19 The People of Italy Have Passed Through. Malaysia In Phase 3 Now *

* Read to the end * because you will understand what the Italians have gone through and what Malaysians will be through if the situation does not change.

Covid 19 Virus By CDC

* Italy is the closest example * we can take as a guide to preparing for the Covid-19. What they have been, what we have been, and what we will be.

Covid 19 - Italian Vs Malaysian Statistics Comparison

THE 6 PHASES OF COVID-19 - The ITALIAN experience and A Warning to All Malaysian - PLEASE STAY AT HOME

In fact, to date * Italy has not been able to control the Virus. * Within 24 hours, they registered * 3500 new Covid-19 cases. * The current population in their country is 31,506 cases.

In terms of progress, * we're only 2 weeks behind them. *

As far as I can tell, there are still many Malaysians who take it easy, don't care, are not afraid of the symptoms of Covid-19.

Today, the first day of government-mandated * Movement *, there is still a restaurant opening this morning and people eating in groups.

Today, in KL most parks are closed by DBKL. But, uncle and auntie in KL flocked to Bukit Kiara for "exercise" and aerobics there.

In many places, many young gangs today are 'cycling' for dizziness. Exercise said.

Today, many young people from Kuala Lumpur, the city with the highest number of patients in Malaysia, have reached their hometowns. They use school vacations and work vacations to 'vacation' in the village with their beloved parents.

Covid-19 Curve

Despite the fact, the government has ordered the Control of the Movement. * I think the people of MALAYSIA do not know what they mean. *

We only realize how serious this problem is when we read this article or when we go through it ourselves.

In Italy, an Italian shared a situation in which they faced Covid-19. Jaso Yonowitz has written 6 Covid-19 Phases Through the People of Italy.

Her writing on Twitter received a very high number of Re-tweets.

I rewrite the 6 Phases they went through and adapted to the situation in Malaysia we are currently in.

Covid-19 - How to virus is spread

*Phase 1*

1. Many people are beginning to know and hear about Covid-19 infectious diseases in Wuhan China. But because it happens overseas, many don't take the port because they don't think it's important.

2. Suddenly, the 'first case of Covid-19' arrives in the country. This is the beginning of a long-suffering.

3. In Malaysia, the first case is detected on January 25, 2020.

4. At this time, the authorities say the situation is still under control and the people are asked not to panic.

5. Overseas, especially in China, the volume of increases is overwhelming and surprising. It's like out of control.

6.But in our country, the number of cases is increasing. Most cases come from outside China.

7. For economic reasons, the government at the time did not want to shut down tourists coming from China.

8. It was the same situation that Italy faced in the early stages. We've gone through this phase.

* Phase 2 *

1. The number of patients is increasing. More and more tourists coming to the country have been infected with Covid-19 from their home countries. Just the feeling felt while travelling.

2. There are also Malaysians who are overseas and infected overseas to bring the virus back to Malaysia unknowingly.

3. At this stage, a wise Minister says _ "Covid-19 has no economic impact on Malaysia”. "

4. Due to Covid-19 infectious disease, the government has begun tracking those who have been in contact with a confirmed patient. Those with 'contact' are asked to make a check.

5. In a very short time, the disease began to infect the local people.

6. At this time, authorities have begun directing the Quarantine Self against those who are in close contact with the patient.

7. Companies whose staff are positively beginning to 'close' the building and ask staff to work from home for cleaning work.

8. More and more tourists from China are coming to the country. The government has to decide "not to accept aircraft from Wuhan and the severely affected city of Covid-19 from China." On the economic front, tourists from other places in China can still come to Malaysia.

9. At this time, memorials were given to Malaysians.

10. But life goes on as usual. The meeting went on as usual. The store is all open as usual. Work as usual.

11. However, the number of patients is increasing.

12. This phase is about the same as the Italian government and the Malaysian government. This phase we have also gone through.

* Phase 3 *

1. Suddenly the number of patients increases dramatically. The case is contagious among locals. Malaysia is currently in its Third Phase.

2. Hospitals are increasingly filled with patients as well as quarantined. The Covid-19 examination had to be done on thousands of suspects.

3. Health officials are tired of having to work longer hours and care for patients in uncomfortable clothes.

4. The country began to record deaths in previous cases.

5. In Italy, Covid 19 is serious in 1/4 of all major cities. To this end, the government has announced the closure of schools, communities and workplaces in these four major cities.

6. At this time, restaurants, workplaces are still open as usual.

7. At the time of the declaration of Mobility Control in the city, nearly 10,000 Italians in the infected area had 'returned' to their hometowns to meet their families in the less affected cities.

8. This is a big mistake made by the Italians. They have come out of the outbreak and become the cause of the spread of the disease elsewhere.

9. Government orders to stay in their homes. Instead they 'returned' the village and 'fled' from the outbreak.

10. Currently, on social media, on television, on WhatsApp, many people are sharing this Covid-19. Everyone reads, but not many take it seriously.

11. The situation in Italy, similar to that in Malaysia. The government through the MKN decides to Control the Movement from March 18 - March 31, 2020. The period of control is 14 days. The aim of the government is to ensure that people stay indoors and reduce the activity of meeting and meeting with others. All mosques and prayer rooms and houses of worship were closed during this period.

12. However, what happened last night was very painful. We repeat the mistakes made by Italy. We made their biggest mistake.

13. Last night, many people in Kuala Lumpur returned to their hometowns for a "holiday" with their families. You can see, on the highway leading to Kelantan in Gombak, a very crowded toll plaza. At TBS, students make their way back to the village after receiving a directive from the top to vacate the hostel. In KL Sentral the train goes in all directions. On the northbound highway south of last night was jam. Not to mention that the police station last night was full because people wanted to travel to the area.

14. Unbeknownst to us, people living in Kuala Lumpur with a record high patient population have returned to their hometowns across the country.

15. Imagine how much risk parents and parents are facing in a healthy home.

16. Malaysia is currently in this phase. About 2 weeks ago, Italy was in this phase.

* Phase 4 *

1. In Italy, at this stage. The increase in new cases increases thousands of cases every day. Things are getting out of control.

2. All schools and universities across Italy are ordered closed.

3. In hospitals, the number of doctors and nurses is insufficient. They had to call a retired doctor to help. No less, they call for final year medical and nursing students to assist in the field.

4. They work regardless of shift. Some people work more than 24 hours because of a shortage of staff and an increasing number of patients.

5. Some of them wear pampers in their clothes. They didn't have time to go to the toilet because every time they opened the security suit, they were exposed to a virus.

6. Italy has reached this stage.

* Phase 5 *

1. Remember 10,000 Italians who 'fled' to their hometowns for a family vacation. Want to see their parents.

2. The effect begins to feel. It's like there's a big wave. After 10 days in their hometown, the Covid 19 virus spread throughout Italy. Their parents became infected with the virus. The contacts they made in the village were also involved. Friends of friends they met in the village were sick.

3. The case escalated once more suddenly.

4. There are already doctors and nurses infected with this virus.

5. The hospital is full. They had to take care of patients in the Warehouse, in the store, in the tent.

6. The number of chronic patients especially among the elderly begins to have pneumonia. They need breathing help. But the number of oxygen tanks is not enough. The doctor had to decide who to save and who to die for. Priority is given to those who have high treatment opportunities for good. Those who are seriously ill must be left to die.

7. The tired doctors and nurses started making videos asking people for the right lockdown at home.

8. In Malaysia, if the villagers returned last night to become the Covid-19 distributors, the effects would be felt on April 1.

9. At this stage, the problem in Italy is still not resolved.

* Phase 6 *

1. The rise in new cases across the country has increased dramatically. In the last 3 days, the number of new cases exceeds 3000 cases per day.

2. Finally, on March 12, 6 days ago the Italian government ordered TOTAL LOCKDOWN IN ALL COUNTRIES.

3. Any person leaving the house needs a Certificate to leave with strict purpose.

4. Who is found guilty, leaving the house for no good reason at a fine of 206 EURO.

5. Only allowed to go out for food or to the hospital only.

6. After this reduced-order was initiated 6 days ago, the new Total Isolation is now successful throughout Italy. Those who are sick will not spread the disease outside. However, the impact of the decline will only be visible for 14 days.

7. Therefore, now the new daily charge is 3000. It is the result of previous ITALY SUCCESS that it does not seriously follow the rules that the government provides.

8. Looking at China, the new case every day has dropped dramatically. This is because the Chinese government has explicitly issued the LOCKDOWN order

Learn from the mistakes of the Italians.

Covid-19 The Power Of Social Distancing

For Malaysians who have already returned to their hometowns, don't be too excited. Remember that you are free of Covid-19.

May we not be the cause of our parents' death as the Covid-19 distributor.

When you return to the village, avoid meeting with your friends, neighbours. Lockdown at home.

Take care of children, prevent them from walking evenly.

Pray the same, wish prayers, repent prayers, ask Allah to ease our affairs.

One message I want to say is, "Avoid being infected by the Corona Virus right now. Because if we have it now, it's 14 days to feel the effect. At that time, the hospital is full. .. "

* Please SHARE. * Many People Understand What Happens If We Do Not Change

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