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How You Can Survive 2020 Lockdown Movement Control Order (MCO)? - This Is What I Do?

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Lockdown or Movement Control Order 2020: Many countries around the world have implemented different version of a mandatory lockdown, partial lockdown or in Malaysia, we called it the Movement Control Order  #MCO or whatever it is called due to continued rise of cases that are tested Covid-19 positives. At this point in time, the statistics are more than 670,000 positive cases with more than 31,000 death worldwide.  To check the latest Covid19 Statistics Update -WorldOMeter

Malaysia Movement Control Order Do and Dont

But as an individual, there are a couple of things one can learn on this new way of living that we have never experience for before. In Malaysia, we are on our 12th day of this Movement Control Order (MCO). This is what I am doing which I believe can help to calm your nerves, anxiety and weather through this crisis.

Coping With Lockdown Stress

Every day we are in a lockdown, stress level, anxiety increase, so it is important to do these 2 things which are to keep Healthy and Sane. This is my personal experience and I hope it can help to keep sane and healthy?

How I Stay Healthy During Movement Control Order Lockdown?

It is critical that we have a regime of exercise that one can perform at home. There are a lot of videos that are on Youtube or Facebook where you can easily follow. It is advisable to have at least 2 to 3 different exercise routine; so you can switch in between those days and the other reason is so you won't get bored on it.


Why exercise is important, during this lockdown, there are little that we can do, if we do not burn out the calories that we intake, you will soon find another issue which is weight gains as during lockdown we have a tendency to overeat. So, exercises will help you burn the extra calories. I believe that exercises also helps in building your immune system. I have 2 set of exercise; the first one is more aggressive and takes about 45 minutes a session (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) while the second set is about 30 minutes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday).


Please do some sort of exercise at home; if not the worse you can do is at least walk at home. Walk around 20 to 30 minutes a day.


Besides exercising, I have been doing Intermittent Fasting for more than 1.5 years, you can check out the benefit & my personal experience and strategy on INTERMITTENT FASTING here. During this period when we have lesser movement lying around our home; as mention, we will tend to overeat. With Intermittent fasting, I have been able to reduce my food intake to 2 meals a day (actually having breakfast at 2pm) and this also reduced my sugar intake further and this is really important (it help to cut down my fatty liver reading from 130 to now 50).


All in during these 12 days of lockdown, I was able to reduce my weight by 0.7kg. The other benefit from this is also you will need to make a lesser trip to get groceries or supplies and thereby reducing any risks of going out. "Jiao Yao"

But most importantly during this lockdown, you must drink a lot of water.

How To Ration Food during Movement Control Order?

People eat more now? Everyone can cook NOW! You can see on the social media of your friends showing out their cooked meals and easy to cook recipes and etc.


Why it is important to learn to reduced your food intake?

During the lockdown, it is important not to overeat. I see some people having a feast after feast, this will only mean that they need to go out shopping for fresh food every day if not every other day. This is not right.  Secondly, our body has lesser movement and henceforth overeating contribute more calories and will cause other related health problems with extra intake of calories, especially with a, prolong lockdown that looks imminent.

Do not panic buy, but buy enough for your ration so that you do not need to go out frequently
In a time of lock-in, our needs for food should be reduced drastically as we are less active compared with normal days. We need to burn more calories and one way is to reduce the intake of food.

The Power of Social Distancing

The other important factor with food rationing is the ability to reduce the trip frequency of having to buy grocery and food and this will help in the Social distancing issue which is the number 1 reason for Movement Control Order. Remember every trip you make is putting an additional risk for you and your beloved families.

How I Am Keeping Sane?

With the lockdown, if you are like me, we lost what day it is now. We just lost track of it but since we are at home 24 7 as every day seems to be like Sunday. There are to me at least 2 things that can make you very annoyed and angry (for me at least) during this MCO lockdown?


1. How to Handle Covid-19 Fake News?

Every day, like most of us, you will be bombarded with tonnes of news and many are really fake news that is circulated around on your Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platform. The problem is, everyone is so eager to share any information before checking the authenticity of the news itself. So, we have to ensure to double-check this information before sharing them to your friends and loved ones. #ShareResponsibly

Too Much TV and YouTube

We are bombarded with news on TV and Youtube; to me after the first few days, less is more. The numbers of cases are rising rapidly and every day a number of people get glued to these channels and are moving from one channel to another seeking for the latest information to be shared to their social media account. This information sometimes is quite depressing and will pull your spirit down.

I now have worked out a daily time table as to when and where I will go for my reliable sources of the latest news and then straight to move on with your other activities.

2. Why It Is Critical To Comply To Movement Control Order Lockdown by #StayAtHome?

Home Quarantine During Lockdown

News are daily broadcasted that people are breaking the Movement Control Lockdown by jogging around the park, children playing at the park or even some having a drink or 2 with friends like there is no tomorrow. Are these people really so ignorant and just plain stupid to think they are immune to this disease? You really get very upset especially to those of us that has been obediently complying with the order.


To those people that are still flouting this Control Movement, I just want you to imagine this. 

Now: Imagine when one of your loved ones suddenly are removed from your home by an ambulance because the virus has hit them, first, you are not going to be able to follow them there, sit by their hospital bed and hold their hand. You are not going to be able to pop in at 7.00 pm for visiting hours. They are going to have no one other than exhausted and brave hospital staff to see them through days or weeks of barely breathing through a ventilator until they either die or recover. They are not going to be well enough to text you. If it ever happens to you, REMEMBER that moment, might be the last moment you will ever see them.


You are not going to be able to phone the ward to check in on them regularly (staff will be too busy for that). During that time, they will be completely alone, while you sit at home waiting to hear whether they have made it through.

Next, imagine that person is someone you love dearly. Because it's going to be a reality for many in the coming weeks if you continue not to comply to the Movement Control Order or reduce your trip outside. REMEMBER each trip you go out of your home, increase a possible risk on you and your family.

And worse case, if that person in the hospital happens to be you, going through that ordeal completely alone and not knowing that you will be able to get out of that hospital bed, it would be nothing less than terrifying.

You Cant Get Coronavirus IF you Dont Leave The House

Please stay home and only go out if really absolutely necessary. Social distancing is imperative right now for your family and mine. You can FLATTEN the curve by Staying At Home.

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