Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Madame Waffle @Mid Valley - A dessert haven in Kuala Lumpur

If dessert is your cup of tea; you would love this review as all that we ate at this review is just desserts with a special twist of using waffles as the key ingredient. +BestRestaurant ToEat  was invited to preview this special Waffle dessert at Madame Waffle located at T045, Level 3 Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

The decor is pretty simple Japanese style setup; with no frills as what is important is the food that are served here. Marrying the artisan Belgian with the finest quality Japanese ingredients; each waffle are hand-made and are freshly ala-minute baked on site on a daily basis. To complement the waffles, Madame Waffle also serves specialty house blended coffee which is roasted by its award winning Master Barista.

Serving an array of Classic Waffle to Specialty Waffles; you would be spoilt for choice. The waffle has a slightly toasted flavor, from batter coming into direct contact with the hot iron and gives it a crisp crust with soft, moist interior bread type texture.

Our review started with the Banana Nutella (RM 18.50). We love the texture of the waffle, and married with the bananas and chocolate gelatos it somehow remind us of the banana split; but with the additional waffles to goes with it, the three blended well with each other. 

Followed by the Kafu Waffles series (which is a waffle in a cup) which the first one, that we tasted was the Chocomatte (RM12.00). Fully laden; with the Ferrero Roche with a chocolate gelato. A real delight for fans of everything Chocolate.

The next Waffle in a cup is the Matcha Waffle Parfait; this one is really for the matcha fan. With a couple of mochi at the bottom of the cup; it gives a chewy feel to this dessert. 

the final Kafu Waffles that we tasted is the Happy Tiramisu (RM12.00); we loves the silky texture of the tiramisu which blended extremely well with the choco powder and waffles.

 Madame Signature (RM17.00) is another delight for fans of green tea, as you will be totally immerse with the matcha taste throughout this dessert.

As with our earlier Kafu waffles which is the Happy Tiramisu, the Tiramisu Waffle (Rm 11.00)  under the Premium Waffle have quite similar taste and this waffle is one of the best seller at Madame Waffle. 

I love the next one which is the Seasalt Dark Chocolate Chunk (RM 10.50). The slightly salted dark chocolate was a refreshing change to the sweeter desserts that we had earlier. With a strong chocolate spread on the waffles and eaten with the strawberry which has a sourish taste, it was a very interesting taste to savour.

For a real treat you can opt for the Madame Signature Deluxe RM 30.00. It comes with 2 pieces of waffle; the first is the original waffle with a Matcha Gelato on a bed of freshly cut banana while the second waffle is a matcha flavoured with a vanilla Gelato bedded with slice of strawberries. 

We had a specialty drinks from Madame Waffles which is Ice Belgian Chocolate RM 12.50. A wholly chocolatey delight.

Overall, for dessert lovers especially waffles, Madame Waffle will definitely be a good choice for you to savour all the different types of waffles flavoured with your favourite condiments.

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