Sunday, October 11, 2015

Set Lunch @Ri Yakitori St Giles The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley - Special Kozara Ryori Lunch Set Review

Dining the Kozara Japanese style is a form of art and passion where dishes are served in small portion with a combination of different taste to savour your taste buds. With that +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to Ri Yakitori located at 7th Floor St Giles The Gardens Hotel Mid Valley to savour the latest Kozara Ryori Lunch set.

The lunch set is an array of 7 core dishes which includes an appetizer, salad, mains, rice set and dessert. Kozara which literally means small plates dish in Japanese will set the theme for this lunch review. All the dishes are served in small portions to enable one to savour all the different taste from each of these serving.

We started off our Kozara Lunch with an appetizer which is a Trio Japanese Platter; which has 3 dishes; the first of which is the Sakura Ebi Dashimaki, Chinese Cabbage With Chicken Roll and Tomato Mozzarella. The Sakura Ebi Dashimaki is a soft texture Japanese omelette, followed by the special chicken rolled in Chinese cabbage while the third has some European influence from the combination of cube mozzarella cheese with a cherry tomato on a skewer. 

Next, is a marriage of a western salad with fresh sashimi, The sashimi will be a chef selection of either 2 fresh fish/seafood combination of maguro (tuna), salmon and tako (octopus). It is topped with a special mayo sauce with ebiko bedded on fresh green salad.

The next is the Chawanmushi and Rice Set. The chef uses mushroom and crabstick as the main ingredient for his Chawanmushi while the steam white Japanese rice is topped with Edamame and Pickles. The soup that was served to us was the Osumashi soup.

This is then followed by the artistically decorated Braised Radish with Saba Fish. We love the radish that was pre-cooked and then added in with the specially prepared dashi broth and served with a fried Saba fish to give us a crunchy texture which is topped with a layer of chef prepared sauce. 

The main dish is the Chicken Sautéed which is served with a combination of chicken winglet, thigh and breast served with broccoli and cauliflower. The breast meat was surprisingly not too tough which we found out that it was pre-steam with leek and sake before being pan-fried. The end result is that, you would be able to taste the sake, in the tender breast meat.

There are 3 in-housemade dipping sauces to accompany the Sauteed Chicken which is the Shibazuke (sweet), Yakiniku (sour) and sesame salt (saltish). 

Finally the the desert we had was another trio delights which is the matcha mochi with honey, followed by the moist chocolate mousse, and the sourish fruit compote of strawberry, kiwi and orange juice. 

We were really delighted with this light Japanese cuisine which is priced at a special introductory price of RM 78 nett per set for a limited time. This promotional set lunch is available on every Friday from 12noon - 2pm, from 16 Oct 2015 onwards.

Ri Yakitori Bar is opens from Monday – Saturday at 5.00 pm till 1.00 am and closed on Sundays. The menu is available for orders up to 11.00 pm daily. Read more about our earlier Yakitori Review at RiYakitori Bar. To make a reservation or for further inquiries, please call Ri-Yakitori Bar at 03 2268 1188 (ext. 6323) or log-on to:

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