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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Crave Café @ Oasis Ara Damansara - Breakfast Like A King With Crave BIG Breakfast.

Like the saying goes “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper”. With that in mind, we head over to try out the BIG breakfast at Crave Cafe located at BG-03, Oasis Square, Jalan PJU 1A/7, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.     

Crave café is inspired by its owner Australian love affair. So the décor and outlook pretty much size it up like the outback with comfortable dining area and sofa seats where you can hang out with your buddies for a nice get together.

Here at Crave Café, the line of coffee and tea are from the famous Toby's Estate Arabica Coffee in Sydney and are of the Woolloomooloo Blend from Sydney Australia. Toby coffees are of the mild roasted type and are not the type where you can get the coffee kick, which are suitable for those that prefer a not so strong coffee.

One of the advantages of a mild roasted coffee is, it leaves a little sweetness in the beans, so technically you don’t really need to add any sugar into the drink.

We had the opportunity to try out a few interesting coffee flavors one of which is the Dirty Chai Latte which I have not tried before. It is a one shot expresso mixed with Chai syrup and topped with cinnamon powder. I should have ordered a double shot as I like my coffee stronger.

For non coffee drinkers, you could opt for the Toby Breakfast Blend Tea, it has a smooth taste and a strong floral aroma.

The first breakfast set we sample was none other than the Crave BIG Breakfast which has 2 sunny side up eggs, sausages, beef bacon, baked beans, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms served with ciabatta.

The mushroom which was lightly sauteed was very tasty especially eaten with the toast, topped with some slices of sausages, bacon and eggs.

Next we had the Pancakes with Caramelised Banana & Maple Syrup – The pancakes was very fluffy and of the right texture. Eaten with the combination of the maple syrup and caramelized banana, the taste was just right. There were also sprinkles of cashew nuts too.

The third set of breakfast that we had was the Salmon Scramble – It is smoked salmon nestled on a bed of scrambled eggs served with focaccia. The scrambled eggs were very light and fluffy.

The saltiness of the smoke salmon and the sprinkle of parsley topping was a perfect combination with the focaccia. This dish is for those that prefer a lighter wholesome breakfast to start the day.

Crave Cafe will be introducing a new item to their breakfast menu – as of now, this dish has not been named but it is served with fried eggs, beef bacon and avocado paste with ciabatta.

The white paste is actually cheese spread which you can spread on the bread or eaten as it is. The strong avocado (green) paste was a perfect blend to the bacon and fried eggs.

For Lunch menu, you try out the Chicken Parmigiana, which is breaded chicken cutlets baked with Parmesan cheese and served with tomato sauce base. The Chicken cutlet is coated with parmessan cheese and oven baked.

You can taste the crispy chicken with the flavored cheese wrap around it. Slurp it up with the accompanied tomato sauce, it makes a tantalizing sweet sourish meal. The thinly slice baked potatoes was a perfect side dish to compliment this dish.

The Next Lunch menu dish was the Seabass With Spicy Sauce. This dish will be for those that prefer a little spicier food, the fish is first coated and deep fried and served in a bed of spicy sauce with a bowl of Buttered Herb rice, green beans and carrots.

For desserts, we started off with the

Gula Melaka Cake – I find this cake a little unique and it is an acquired taste to like this especially so, if you are those that loves anything Gula Melaka or sweet stuff. I don’t think you can find this cake in any places. You can taste the tiny pieces of Gula Melaka crystal in every little bite of the cakes, it has that slight crust bite feeling when eating this cake.

Nutella Mille Crepe Cake – It is a nutella infused crepe cake. Look at the multiple layers of nutella crepe.

Salted Chocolate Cake – this is another specialty cake serves at the Crave Café. The whole cakes is chocolate based and in the middle, there is a thin layer of melted salt which you can taste. It is a very interesting combination of the rich chocolate taste with a tinge of saltiness in every bite.

In conjunction with the Ramadan, Crave Café is having a Ramadan promotion.

Ramadan Buka Puasa Promotion

Crave is having a promotion which comes with a homemade Soup, a choice of Main Course, a slice of homemade Cake and a Dragon Fruit Juice.

Main Course Selection:

Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken with mashed potato and grilled vegetables


Seabass in Spicy Cream Sauce served with Butter Herb rice


Beef Stroganoff with Steamed Rice.

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