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Thursday, 9 April 2015

NOSH Cafe Bangsar - Delicious and Gourmet Spring Dessert 2015 Collection Review By Best Restaurant


When it comes to desserts, NOSH Cafe will be one of those cafe that stands out in terms of serving gourmet and delicious desserts in Bangsar. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to NOSH Cafe located at 7, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru 59100 Kuala Lumpur to taste the Special Spring 2015 Desserts Collection.

NOSH Cafe Bangsar has thru the years whipped out special desserts that have fans raving for their delicious cakes and pastry. There aren't many cafe that put so much passion in their preparation of their desserts like NOSH Cafe. 

According to the owner, NOSH will be master piecing their desserts offering so that customers will be able to not only enjoy the delicious desserts but to also feasts their eyes. Like the saying goes "You eat with your eyes first". The following Spring Collection desserts offering are testament to this saying.

There are altogether 5 special design for this Spring inspired collection of 2015. We started with the LAVENDER BUZZ which is a Rich chocolate fudge cake with Earl Grey mousse, lavender creme, luscious berries & pink meringue kisses. 

The combination of the soft moist chocolaty cakes was well matched with the smooth mousse with a tinge of sourish taste from the berries was heavenly paired with a latte.

This is then followed by the YELLOW SHOWER - As the spring winds bring gentle showers of flowers & soft scents of new life, it set the tone for this next dessert. 

The Soft buttery turmeric flavored cake with custard cream speckled with plump raisins & walnuts. in between each layer of the cakes gives a soft, moist and firm texture to every bite of this cake.

The next is the COCONUT BLITZ - A Coconut blended taste that gently assaults the senses, epitomises the breaking the of the cold winter with promises of warmer days to come is the inspiration for this next dessert. 

The composition of the soft and silky salted coconut pana cotta with a caffe filling blended in between and teamed with spicy berry compote & rice crispy wafers gives a refreshing and crunchy feel. 

the fourth dessert is the SAKURA WIND - Spring comes calling in a gentle blending of soft cherry blossom mousse with tart morello cherries & fragrant green tea chiffon.

The macha based cakes was of the right balance without being overwhelming. Coupled with the soft cherry mousse it gives a zesty flavours to the cake. 

and the final dessert of the Spring Collection is the PANDAN LUXE - The scent of Pandan always brings to mind a green  awakening. The Pandan cheese mousse with coconut cream was very smooth with sprinkle of salted gula merah; with coulis mango jelly & peanut crumble offering a soft, smooth and crunchy perspective to this dessert.

One thing I enjoyed most of the desserts offering at the NOSH; is that the sweetness level is very balance which is good; while the cakes are moist and soft with the right texture, aroma and taste that tantalize your tastebuds. 

If you are one of those that craves for these Spring Collection you better hurry as it is a limited time offer until 3rd May 2015 to taste these nice, delicious and artistically created desserts. You can also checked out some of the latest promotion from time to time that NOSH Cafe will be offering, who knows a surprise might be in store for you.