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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Crunchy Crispy Pork Knuckle @Solaris Dutamas Ante Kitchen And Bar By Best Restaurant To Eat

Eating Pork Knuckle always leaves me a strong guilty feeling as the cholesterol level will hit the roof. To me, this dish is a hard to resist dish and although feeling guilty, this is a must try and eat dish.
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There are many variations of Pork Knuckle serve in many restaurants. Firstly there is the salty German version, which is the most famous type serves in most places, the Chinese version either serves in butter sauce, deep fried version or roast. I have the luxury of tasting the fourth one today in the last 3 months. You can view my other Pork Knuckle rendezvous in my other post.

At Ante Kitchen And Bar, the version serves here is an Oven Baked version. The chef have deboned and cut into bite size pieces making it less challenging to savour this knuckle which is suitable as a sharing dish.

The first taste of the knuckle skin was very crispy and crunchy. It was very marinated and not too salty to my liking. After savouring the crispy knuckle skin, the next attack is on the meat portion.

As it is oven baked, the end result is that the meat was a little tougher; it is not so succulent compared to those that were deep fried as the deep fried version if fry properly is a little more succulent. If the pork knuckle is overcooked before being oven baked/fried, the meat can be a little harder, tough and less juicy. For me, only the crispy knuckle skin was the saving grace for this dish.

Rating 3 of 5
Date of Visit: 09/07/2013