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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Succulent Char Grilled New York Pork Steak Solaris Dutamas Ante Kitchen And Bar By Best Restaurant To Eat

Cooking a perfect steak especially Pork Steak is very challenging. First of all, it will how the chef will marinate the steak for a period of time. For some, they will not be bothering about marinating it and will have to depend on the sauce that accompanies to flavour the steak.

Here, the chef had taken the time to marinate the meat prior to grilling it. Moreover the meat choice used by the chef was excellent as it chooses the meat with a layer of fats that makes it succulent when grilled. 

We are able to taste the marinate, which was in grain into the meat. The steak comes with in-house prepared raspberry cream sauce, which is of a sweet base, and blended quite well with the succulent and juicy steak.
The garnishing of the steak was potato wedges which was deep fried and a baked green apple (the apple was first peel of its skin beyond going for a salt water bath and oven baked). An unique garnishing indeed.

Price RM43.00
Rating 4 of 5
Date of Visit: 2013-09-07

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