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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Brazil Biggest Match of Year Kick Off At Domino’s Pizza

Ole Ole comes 12th June 2014, football fans around the world will once again rejoice to the feast of the Biggest Match of Year which happens once every four years. As they say, this is the greatest sporting events that are being watch by billions of people around the globe, making at least half of them to become zombies especially in Malaysia where our time zone are at the opposite side of the globe meaning they will be countless of late night for most of the football fans here.

Pizzas have been traditional, the food for football fans all around the world as it is a great wholesome food that can be eaten while watching your favourite teams battling it out right in the comfort of your home and with your buddies. And, you can order it using your phone and have it delivered right at your door step.

It is easy to order and it provides a variety of flavours to choose from that will suit almost everyone. At Domino’s, they are also celebrating this sporting event by introducing three special Biggest Match of Year flavours which are as follows.

For those that prefer a not so meaty stuff, you can try out Chickensaurus on Thin Crust which have the toppings of roasted chicken, chicken pepperoni and mushroom topped with Smoky Blended BBQ sauce and cheese.

If you can’t decide whether to go for chicken or beef then order the Smoky Beef and Chick which are topped with onion slices, green peppers, ground beef and chicken potpourri sausage and also topped with Smoky Blended BBQ sauce and cheese.

And lastly the Smoky Pepperoni and Mushroom which is topped with Beef Pepperoni and Mushroom and topped with Smoky Blended BBQ sauce and cheese.

Of course if you are a fan of Domino’s you can also order some of their all time favorite like the :-

Metasaurus on Classic Hand Tossed Crust – If you are really like me, loves a lot of meat in my Pizza then Go for this.

Or If you are a very into Malaysian makan taste then the Spicy Sambal with thin crust will keep you wide awake.

Or order some of their side kick - Drummet

To make it more exciting for this event, Domino’s is also organizing an online contest which is Domino’s Kick Off – it is an online game where customer can play this game (which is a football juggling) and score points from each game.

The grand prize is a FREE ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO BRAZIL for 2. Also they have weekly winners where Domino’s will host you and 20 guest for a football viewing party with all the Domino’s Pizza you can eat.

Here is how you can join this online contest.

1.                  PLAY - Logon to and play the game.
2.                  EAT – Purchase Domino’s Pizza online to multiply your weekly high score.
3.                  WIN – Win the highest score at the end of the contest to win a trip for 2 to Brazil and also the weekly prizes to be won.


To make the contest more interesting and rewarding to Domino’s customer you can get extra points for each pizza that you order. So the more you play and the more Pizza you buy or eat the more chances of winning the weekly and grand prize.

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