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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Fish & Co – New Menu and Opening at The Mines Shopping Mall Seri Kembangan

Fish and Chips are a very common dish serves in many Western restaurants in town. Most of them tend to serve the breaded type i.e. which is coated with batter and deep fried. At Fish & Co, they are introducing 2 new type of Fish dishes to their menu.

At the opening of their fourth outlet on 20th May 2014 at Level 1, L1-100*102 Mines Shopping Mall, they also took the opportunity to introduce a couple of new seafood dishes and drinks. 

At Fish & Co, they just not only serve you fish and chips (which they have many variations of how fish and chips can be served) but rather seafood i.e prawns, clams and squids with many variations either as grilled or deep fried.

As there are so many dishes to try out during the opening lunch, we were offered a delicious tasting platter, which consist of all the individual new dishes serves in a pan. It was a very creative way to let us taste all these new dishes without overwhelming our stomach. 

The first new dish that was offered that caught my taste bud was the Baked White Fish with Mozzarella Cheese. I personally like this as the fish was coated with a layer of the Mozarella Cheese instead of breadcrumb. The fish was a little salty due to the cheese which if eaten together with the paella rice will be just right. 

My second preference was the Grilled Parmesan White Fish. The fish fillet is stuffed with Parmesan Cheese and comes with Fish & Co Signature lemon sauce. 

Clams with Sambal Sauce was next on my favorite list as the sambal was not too overwhelmingly spicy and would really goes well with the rice.
Next on the line is the Fried Chicken with Peri-Peri Prawn. For me the Fried Chicken was a little too dry and lack the crunchiness and crispiness of you know which other restaurant that serves the finger licking fried chicken I am talking about. The Fried Chicken menu was added to give additional meals for the whole family as some customer might not have inkling to seafood. 

If you happen to go with a few friends or guest and not sure what to offer, you can opt for the Fisherman Platter, where you can sample a few of the dishes (different seafood) rather than ordering them as individual dishes. Among those seafood in the platter are the grilled calamari, mussels, fish fillet, baked prawns and grilled chicken. The Fisherman platters are served with mashed potatoes and the super delicious paella rice – for me it goes well with the seafood.

For those who love to eat the Fried version of seafood, you can order the Fry-Kings Platter which includes golden fried calamari, prawns fritters, white fish, fried chicken and curry butter clams. The side dishes serves together with this platter are the mashed potatoes and paella rice.

Although there were introducing 3 new drinks, my personal preference was on the Passion Fruit Mojito (pictured above). It is a lime with mint leaves and passion fruit. The combination is very refreshing especially on a hot day and also after a heavy meal. The other 2 drinks are Candy Crush – which I find it a little too sweet while the Peach Rainbow which is a concoction of peach and cranberry was just right.

In conjunction with the opening at Mines, they are treating customers with the Best Fish and Chips in Town for only RM 1.00 for the first 50 pax at 12pm and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday from 1st June 2014 to 15th June 2014.

So, if you game for some seafood, head over to Fish & Co and have your 
Seafood Served In A Pan.