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Bijan Bar & Restaurant @ Jalan Ceylon Fine Malay Cuisine Kuala Lumpur Ramadan Buffet Review by Best Restaurant To Eat

Fine Malay Dining - Bukit Bintang

There are many restaurants in the city offering Ramadan Buffet spread, one of the more traditional one is Bijan Bar & Restaurant which is located at 3, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Bijan Bar & Restaurant is a highly acclaimed Fine Malay Cuisine and is a very popular restaurant serving authentic Malay food, right in the city center. Over the years, it has won many accolades and awards to stake this claims.

It’s décor provide the right ambience and experience for diners to savour the many Malay specialty dishes from various states in Malaysia. You get to try and taste some of the best dishes from these states such as the Kambing Masak Hitam from Penang, although most Chef will use Chicken or Beef to cook this dish.

Bijan Bar & Restaurant @Jalan Ceylon Chef Zulkifli is very particular about the ingredient that are used to cook its dishes, it has to be top pick in freshness to ensure consistent quality at all times.

For the Ramadan spread, Bijan Restaurant offers 5 rotating menu, this is to enable you to try out all the different spreads during this Ramadan season i.e. from 3rd July until 23rd July 2014. Each of the menu has it’s specialty appetizer, main course and of course desserts.

A hint to those who loves Durian (one of yours truly favourite fruit) – One of the rotating menu has the durian Cheese Cake which you can really smell and taste the durian flesh on every bite.

The other one has Chocolate Durian cake. These come in small pieces and it is a hidden gems – please make sure you discover it quickly, as it is a homemade Bijan Specialty Cakes. For your info, the durian type used for all their cakes, are from the illustrious D24 family.

For me, I find the beef satay (am not a real fan of beef satay) served in Bijan Bar and Restaurant very different, usually these beef satay are very dried and hard after the BBQ but here the chef have used a special marinate and the choice meat used was the strip loin meat which was very tender, juicy and flavourful.

My next favorite has to be the Tulang Rusuk Soup, which has a chewy beef  chunks (just the right texture and a have a very beef broth flavours. You can add in the yellow noodles, taufoo, eggs, taugeh to your liking to enhance this wholesome soup or just slurp it up as it is.

For the other spreads you can try out Bijan appetizer like Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) , Keladi Goreng (Yam Fritters) or Curry Puff.

There are the other roast and BBQ offering i.e. the Ayam Golek, Chicken Satay and Roast Beef.

For seafood lovers, you can select your favorite fresh seafood which includes Flower crabs, Mussels, Scallop, Lala, Prawns and White Squids which the waiter can grill for you.

For the main course, you can try out the Kambing Masak Hitam – i.e. Lamb in a Spiced Black Sauce with Tomatoes and Potatoes,

or the Ayam Masak Merah – Fried Chicken Simmered In A Red Sauce Of Chillies, Tomatoes and Spices,

or Ikan Gulai Darat – Rich Spices Fish Curry,

or Masak Lemak Udang – Prawns Cooked In Lightly Spiced Coconut Milk

or Super Springy Squid which is the Sotong Sambal Hijau – Squid cooked with Spicy Green Chilli Paste

or the lemon grass infused Kupang Goreng Serai – Stir Fried Mussel With Spiced Lemon grass – another one of my favorite here.

or the simple crunchy Pucuk Paku Goreng Tahi Minyak – Stir Fried Wild Fern With Chilli and Caramelized Coconut.

For desserts, there are an array of colourful Malay kuih and specialty cakes ie. Durian Cheese cakes if you are one of the lucky few.

Also there are the ABC – Air Batu Campur which you can pre-mix your favourite add-on of roasted ground nuts, cream of corn, nutmeg, grass jelly and so on to be served with a craving of shave ice, top with sweet sirap, enchanting gula Melaka and a dose of evaporated milk.

It has been a great dining experience for me to dine in this elegant Bijan Bar and Restaurant where you will be pampered with the Fine Malay dishes to entice your tastebud.

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