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Friday, 29 May 2015

La Cafe Memoire TTDI Kuala Lumpur - A Porkilicious Meal Review By Best Restaurant

TTDI, is one of the hot spot for Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur folks to go to for some nice food especially for dinner or over the weekend. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited once again to this favourite dining area and this time it is at La Cafe Memoire which is located at 7A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI).

La Cafe Memoire TTDI is a new cafe that was established to initially catered to the affluent market for specialty desserts; as more customers request for some savoury food, it has lately introduced a couple of specialty dishes which we had the opportunity to review.

The decor here are mainly made up of recycled forklift crates; which the owner and partner have ingenuinely design, reworked and developed it into functional tables, chairs and countertop using this recycled material.

For those that loves alfresco dining, there is a balcony open areas where diners can enjoy the open air while slurping their favourite dish or meals in that area.

For our review, we started with the Smoked Duck Salad; it comes with a special balsamic vinegar that have a sourish taste and was just nice with the fresh garden salad while the pan fried smoked duck pieces offers a slight salty taste to this dish.

This is then followed by the Seafood Aglio Olio - With a tad of spicy flavour from the chilli flake; cooked with fresh seafood such as the succulent prawns, bouncy white squids and mussels and topped with capsicum.

Next, was the Creamy Bacon Fettucine - The fettucine at La Cafe Memoire are in house hand made on a daily limited basis. The pan fried bacon in the dish have a very distinctive taste which marries well with the mushroom cream garlic sauce and the springy fettucine.

This is then followed by the last pasta that we had, which is the Japanese Curry Pasta fettuccine which has diced chicken; and cooked with carrot and onion.

I am not really a great fan of Japanese Curry, but after tasting it here, my perception was changed and a little trick which the chef shared with us was that he added some brandy into the final cooking process which brings out the special curry flavour.

After the pasta dishes, we were introduced a burger dish which is the Deluxe Burger with an in house made thick pork patties, salad, tomato, a slice of cheese, pan fried bacon, sunny side up; topped with a special in-house made sauce and a charcoal bun, Customers can also opt for a plain bun too. This burger is served with oil free air fried french fries.

For the main course, we had the signature Pork Chop. We were informed that the chef uses a special Mongolian (had a tinge of 5 spice powder) marinade to pre-marinate the pork chop before frying it. The dish is served with a special mashed sweet potatoes which when eaten with the pork chop gives it a natural sweetness taste.

According to the chef; in Japan, there is a favourite food that the Japanese eat when they have their favourite beer; which is the Mussels and Fries.

The mussels are steamed with onion, a tinge of lemon sauce and sauteed with white wine and served with oil free air fried french fries. To ensure the quality of this dish, the mussels must be as fresh as possible as there aren't any other ingredients in it.

The last dish which is not on the menu now and soon to be introduced is the Pork Bacon Pizza. The Pizza is a Napoli Pizza dough which is quite similar to the Naan bread. It is thin in the middle while the side looks more like the hand tossed.

The chef have added a small portion of spicy chilli flakes and sprinkles of bits of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese with pork bacon, onions and sweet cherry tomatoes. La Cafe Memoire TTDI plans to offer 6 pizza in the coming months.

To end our meal, we were offered 3 desserts the first of which is the Mango Tarts. The tarts are in-house made and filled with the cream and topped with fresh Milk Mango and sprinkle of fine snow white shredded coconut bits.

followed by a special Tiramisu creation which is topped with caramelized sugar and cut off pieces of almond and hazelnut to gives it a special sweet and nutty flavour to the Tiramisu.

The last desserts; which is also the star of the night was the Nutty Bacon Sundae; this desserts will tantalize your tastebud in 3 areas; the first of which is the sweetness from the vanilla ice cream. As you take the pan fried oven baked bacon to scoop up the ice cream you will taste the salty taste of the Bacon blended into the sweet caramel nutty taste of both the ice cream and nuts.

As you venture deeper into the glass, you will come to the calamansi sorbet; at this point your taste bud will find the sourish sorbet a refreshing taste transformation. Towards the bottom; with the mix combination of all the taste and blended with the bacon oil, it leaves your mouth with a slippery taste of the entire desserts.

Overall, the simple setup of La Cafe Memoire TTDI offers a casual ambience and nice food at a decent price. Do check this place out when you are near TTDI.