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Sunday, 17 May 2015

YE ZI At The Roof 1 First Avenue 1 Utama - Heavenly Steamboat Review By Best Restaurant

Steamboat is one of my favourite food especially on rainy days as this tummy warming dishes are a very satisfying treats. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited for an exclusive review at Yezi At The Roof,  Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, 3, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utam Petaling Jaya, Selangor recently.

Yezi At The Roof offers a special premium Steamboat that uses coconut as its base ingredients for most of the broth. The result; specifically the soup based has a very natural taste which makes it very delicious and tasty.

With premium top quality ingredients and seafood to produce some of the dishes, your taste-bud will be up to the roof. The decor of Yezi At The Roof is one that gives you an impressive and nostalgic feel of China in the fifties; coupled with the pipe in music of that era, it transform you to that era of dining.

With the posh and exquisite design, furniture, impressive lighting and wall decal, it sets the mood and ambiance for a sumptuous meal.

With a spectacular view, one can also opt to have their meal at the balcony and enjoy the breeze while sipping in hot piping food from the steamboat pot while having a panoramic view of Damansara and TTDI.

Yezi At The Roof steamboat is served on an ala carte basis; first you choose the broth or your soup based which are range from their signature original YEZI Broth which uses the clear coconut juice as the base to prepare this distinctive broth. The other broth are Imperial Canton, Aromatic Taiwanese Beef Spice or the Fragrant "Shao Xing" Wine Seafood Broth or the top of the range Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth.

For our review, the The Roof, PR Manager, Mr. Jude Benjamin, recommended the first of its kind in Malaysia; the Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth (RM78.00). When the broth arrives, the strong aroma of the black truffle and mushroom excite our senses, and at the first sip of the broth, we were already mesmerized to anticipate the best to come once we start to load in the ingredients into the steaming pot.

At Yezi At The Roof, you can start off your meal with some appetizer; the first of which that we had was a cold dish which is the "Tong Sum" Century Eggs With Ginger Slice (RM12.00) - the specialty of the Tong Sum century eggs are the soft milky texture of the yolk; moreover this century eggs are well treated as there is very minimal ammonia taste which makes it very nice to eat accompanied by the thinly sliced preserved young ginger.

We move on to the hot appetizer; which was the Beancurd skin with Chicken Floss (RM12.00). The bean curd skin are fried to a crisp and topped with Chicken Floss; a one of a kind combination.

Before, we start the steamboat meal, we were taught to prepare a special dip sauce which has a special blend of soya sauce to be mixed with "Sa Keong", Chili Padi and freshly squeeze Kalamansi juice.

One of the thing about steamboat meal is that, the use of fresh ingredients is key to a satisfying meals as it will exudes the natural sweetness of that ingredient. The first batch of ingredients going into the steam of hot pot are the in house made meat balls which are as follows;

Wagyu Beef Tendon Ball (RM18.00) - the meat ball was firm, had a bouncy and chewy texture which I like. You can taste the beefy flavour in each of the meat ball.

This is then followed by the Mui Choy Meat Ball (RM12.00).

Chicken Balls With Mushroom (RM12.00)

and the last meat ball was the Black Truffle Ball (RM24.00) - which is made from Squid paste with Black Truffle bits - It has a very strong natural taste of the squid paste and truffle while it's texture is just right.

After the in house made balls round, we next moved to the in house made paste which the first; was the Fish and Tobiko Paste (RM18.00). The use of Tobiko gives each bite a special feel as when you bite into it, especially the Tobiko it burst out to give you this little sensation in your mouth.

and the second one was the Prawn paste (RM20.00). This one has a much more bouncy texture compared with the Fish paste and was more flavourful.

After that, it was the slice meat; the first of which we had was the wafer thin Special Beef Slice (RM25.00) that literally melt in your mouth after a simple few strokes in the steaming pot.

followed by the Pork Neck Meat (RM16.00) which has a layer of fats and when eaten after the dipping gives you a chewy meaty feel.

For dumplings, we were served the Yezi At The Roof Special Coconut Dumplings. This is a very unique dumpling as the dumplings has coconut meat as one of the ingredient in it. The fragrantly and strong coconut flavours was well mixed with the additional taste of corn and was well balanced off with the chicken meat.

The last ingredients was the mushroom which is the King Mushroom and Abalone Mushroom.

Yezi At The Roof also offers exotic live seafood like geoduck or alaskan crab for those that would like to indulge into this special fresh ingredients in the special broth. These special fresh ingredients are priced at on going seasonal rate.

Lastly we complete our dinner with another in house specialty which was the Coconut Ice Cream (RM16.00).

This steamboat experience at Yezi At The Roof; is very special in a number of way; firstly we get to taste a very special truffle soup, and then some of the special coconut infused food which tantalized our taste bud to some new experience.

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