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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Yaki San Yakitori @ Sunway Pyramid Shopping - Japanese BBQ Snack Food Review

Japanese food is always one of my favourite food; with that +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste another Yakitori outlet; this one resembles those that you commonly find in Japan; kiosk like or fast food type compared to the one (premium yakitori) that we had at Ri Yakitori at The Garden Hotels recently.

Yaki San Yakitori is located at Lot F1 AV 77- 83, Sunway Pyramid, 46150 Petaling Jaya. It is located at the vicinity of Asian Avenue. Yaki San means Mr Grilled; well you guess it, most of the food served here are grilled and fried. 

Yaki San serves an array of Japanese snack food; usually the Japanese eat these snack food with cold beer after a hard day at work i.e. Happy Hour. The setup of Yaki San is one that is of a fast food type; where patrons can order from the counter and either eat at the outlet or take away and eat during their shopping activities. 

Yaki San @ Sunway Pyramid serves an array of grilled items; in fact it has a special auto griller that does the first round of grilling to ensure all round cooking of the yakitori and then another griller as above to charred it a little more before serving to the guest.

Our review started with the order of the Shiitake Mushroom (RM2.90), Chicken with Leek (RM2.90)  Chicken with Green Pepper (RM2.70) and Chicken Thigh (RM2.20). 

Shiitake Mushroom still on the griller

Chicken With Leek

Chicken With Green Pepper

While the second round of orders are the Chicken Karaage (RM2.70). Very crisp skin with a thin layer of chicken; loves this.

Grilled Tofu (RM2.30); another of my favourite at Yaki San.

Chicken Skin (RM1.60); sinfully delicious - better without the sauce. 

and Quail Egg (RM2.70)

You have an option to order the YakiTori with rice in a combo set with 3 sticks of Yakitori (RM8.90) or with 4 sticks (RM9.90).

For families you can order a 10 sticks (RM22.00) or 15 sticks (RM32.00).

For real fans of Yakitori, you can eat the special promotion YAKI SAN's 'ALL YOU CAN EAT' for RM 20 nett per person offer from 25th July 2015 onwards! (12pm-2pm & 7pm-9pm) only. Offer is for a LIMITED TIME only. Please check out whether offer is still available.