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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

De Hunan Hot Pot Fahrenheit 88 Bukit Bintang - A Hot and Spicy Affair With Hunan Homey Specialty Cuisine

There are a lot of food from China coming into the Malaysian market. You really do not need to spend so much to travel to these places to enjoy these authentic dishes. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to savour some of the specialty dishes from Hunan i.e. De Hunan Hot Pot located at Lot 2.05, Level 2 Fahrenheit 88, No 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Hunan cuisine, also known as Xiang cuisine, It is one of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine and is well known for its hot spicy flavour, fresh aroma and deep colour which accentuates all your senses.

De Hunan Hot Pot has been in Malaysia for the past eight years and this newly open outlet in Fahrenheit 88 is catered for customer from the Kuala Lumpur Central Business and Shopping District. 

The setting is one that is very modern and comfortable to have a spicy meal and we particularly love the dining area by the window which overlooks the bustling Bukit Bintang street below.

To start off our Hunan gastronomy journey, we were first served with 4 Hunan Specialty appetizer; the first of which is cool pickled cucumber, 

the pickled seaweed, 

Bean Curd Skin

and pickled pig ears.

For the main dishes, we had the Hunan Hot Pot, we were served with 2 flavour pot; the first was the Fish Head Soup - the fish head used for the soup is the Ling fish (Small Pot - RM 15 (per pax) , Big Pot - RM 40 for 4 pax). Although it looks milky it has added a special Hunan Cili (yellow chilli) to cook this broth; in which it makes it a very spicy soup based. 

For the hot pot you can order the ingredients that you i.e. ala-carte style which ranges from fresh seafood, fishball, meatball, corn, slice cut meat of beef,  slice cut of pork belly, vegetables  and so forth,

The second soup based was the Duck Soup (Small Pot - RM 15 (per pax) , Big Pot - RM 40 for 4 pax). This soup broth was cooked with the duck meat, chilli, herbs, star anise, mandarin peel and spices that made this hot pot filled with a strong aroma and flavour. 

and then we moved on to Specialty dishes which the first is the Hunan Farmer Style Fried Pork (RM 22). This dish is literally filled with a special green chilli - it looks extremely spicy but once you eat it, it is not really that spicy. the green chilli was very crunchy.

Next is the Spicy Skewered Prawns in Hunan Style (RM 33). The prawns are first pre-fried to a crisp texture and then topped with a special chef sauce made by blending fermented black bean paste, dried chilies, sesame seed, green chilies, ginger and garlic. Loves the texture and the taste.

Next is a very plain looking comfort food of the Fried Homemade Beancurd with Salted Egg (RM 18). This is a chef specialty where the salted eggs are first melted and then followed by the Tau Foo and pan fried until you get this texture. The plain taufoo are fully coated with the salted eggs to give you a smooth and sandy texture to this dish. Really yummy eaten with steam white rice.

This next dish is a very popular Hunan dish called the Uncle Mao Special Braised Pork (RM 30). This is one of the favourite dish of Chairman Mao ZeDong. This pork is a five layer Pork Belly. We usually does not eat much white rice during review but this dish is an exception.

Next is the Sizzling Skewered Lamb (RM 28).

This dish above is the Deep Fried Spicy Chicken with Dried Chili (RM 30); looks awesomely spicy from the amount of dried chillies served. Although it was spicy but we just can't stop eating the pieces of chicken one after another and another. With the topping of sesame seeds, it adds an additional flavour to the dish. A cold beer would be best to slowly munch on the chicken as a snack.

This is another signature dish of DeHunan Hot Pot which is Hunan Yuen & Yang Steamed Fish Head - Ling (RM 60). Although the fish was very nice but the spicy level was a notch too high for us to slurp in the noodles and the fish head. Advice for this dish if you really want to try it; is to ask the chef to tone down on the spicy level.

Another dish that spring surprise to us is this plain looking Stir Fried Beijing Cabbage (RM 20). This dish has to be eaten while it is still hot as you can taste the crunch of the cabbage. Once it becomes cold, it will lose the crunchiness. According to the chef, the cabbage are hand pluck and the stem are removed for each pieces of the cabbage.

For desserts, we had 2 of the Hunan Specialty dessert; which is Potato Pancake (RM 10 for 4 pcs). The potatoes are mashed to a fine texture and coated with a special batter to be fried and served with condense milk. 

The last dish is the Golden Sweet Potatoes with Honey (RM 22). This is a special dessert in which the coated sweet potatoes are cooked with caramelized sugar and when brought to the table; is then simmered in cold water and you practically get a frozen crystal of sugar coating the fried sweet potatoes. A unique dessert indeed,

One thing about Hunan food, although it is a little torturing to our mouth due to the intensity of the spiciness level, you nevertheless can't really stop yourself for going for another spoonful and still want to go for another. It is that addictive. We really did enjoy this special Hot review.