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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Grand Harbour Restaurant Fahrenheit 88 - Bukit Bintang - 2015 Mid Autumn Moon Cake Review

Mid autumn festival is round the corner, with that Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a special moon cake review at Grand Harbour Restaurant located at Lot LG2-01 (01) & LG2-01 (02), Lower Ground Two, Fahrenheit 88, 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Grand Harbour Restaurant is famous for its wide variety of Cantonese Cuisine and Dim Sum offering. Its décor is one of a modern Chinese setting with Open Kitchen concept.

We started the review with a signature soup which is the Double Steamed “Tian Ma” Fish Head Soup (RM16.00). The soup was very tasty and full of fish extract flavour with a strong herbal taste. 

Next we had the Stirred Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy Vegetable (RM18.50 Small - RM33.80 Medium). This is a very special dish as the “Four Flavours of Life’ comes into this dish. The crunchy Bitter Gourds (Bitter), with salted mustard (salty), Stem of “Choy Sum” (sweet) and Cili Padi (Spicy) were very complementary to the overall taste of this dish.

After that, we had the Stewed “Kampung” Chicken with Chinese Wine (RM33.80 - Small, RM65.80 Medium) ; with the use of the Black Fungus and Foo Chok that soak up the sauce; this is a wonderful dish and best eaten with white rice. The sauce which is also infused with the sesame oil was slurped up to the last drop.

After that, we had the Fried Yee Mee with Assorted Mushroom & Truffle Oil (RM19.80 - Small). Upon setting the dish on the table; it looks very plain and simple. But after taking the first spoonful, you can taste the strong aroma of mushroom which was blended into each strain of the noodles.

The signature dish of the night has to be the Fried Glutinous Rice With Crab (RM85.80) – If you are game for this dish, you have to pre-ordered it as the imported crabs are very seasonal. Normally at other restaurant, this dish will use pork sausage to cook, but the use of this fresh crab adds a new dimension of taste and flavours to this rice dish.

Another specialty of Grand Harbour Restaurant @Fahrenheit 88 has to be the Roast Pork. We had it with a Braised Chicken combination. The Roast Pork was barbeque with a balance roasting that keep the meat still moist while the outer layer is a little charred.

For dessert, we had the moon cake; the first of which is the Sakura Chrysanthemum (RM18.80 per pc), it has a very strong Chrysanthemum flavour with a thin layer of crust. The sweetness level was at the right balance. Eaten with a nice cup of premium Chinese tea, it will bring out the full flavour of this moon cake.

The next one is the Shanghai Single Yolk Moon Cake (RM17.80 per pc), which has a special Shanghainese flaky crust with Grand Harbour Lotus paste and a single salted egg yolk.

Followed by Black Sesame with White Lotus (RM18.80 per pc) ; has a strong aroma of the black sesame.

and lastly the Snow Skin With Yam Paste (RM16.80 per pc);

Grand Harbour Restaurant is currently offering a very nice gift box of Moon Cake (which comes in 4 special premium flavour ie. Sakura Chrysanthemum, White Lotus Double Egg Yolk, Fruit Nut Mixture and White Lotus Paste) at RM128.00 ++.

For Hong Leong Bank Credit/Debit Card, you can get 15% off the Moon cake and 10% off for the Corporate Gift Box.