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Friday, 7 August 2015

Leong's Kitchenette USJ 21 Subang Jaya - Tasty Family Secret Recipe Food Review Best Restaurant

If you are near the Main Place @USJ 21, you can try out some special family home cook secret recipe of the Leong Kitchenette located at 5-1, Jalan USJ 21/7 47620 Subang Jaya Selangor.

Leong Kitchenette @USJ 21 has a very simple, clean and a no frill setup. It offers a friendly family dining atmosphere with simple flavourful dishes.

+BestRestaurant ToEat started the food review with a starter which is Assam Flavour Squid
(RM 16.00). The assam paste was extremely flavourful while the white squid was fresh and has a bouncy texture which was complemented with the ladies fingers and long beans. It has us adding rice as the sauce have the right spiciness and assamese taste.

Next, was the Hong Kong Style Fried Chicken Wings (RM 14.00) (S). The chicken wings skin was fried to a very crispy and crunchy texture although the use of batter was minimal.  The deep flavour of the paste used to marinate the wings was very delicious although a tad of saltiness was evident. Best eaten with white rice.

After that was the Braised Pork Belly with Yam (RM 12.00), a special homemade secret recipe that is used to braised this Hakka pork belly.  Like the earlier dish, it is best eaten with rice. We are a little concern now that we will be too full after the amount of rice that we have taken as it is only our 3rd dish.

To complement our dishes with a vegetables, we had the Stir Fry Watercress with Garlic (RM 10.00). The watercress used was the baby watercress which has a very nice soft springy texture.

Another dish that goes well with the rice is the Bean Curd Home Made Thai Style (RM 9.00). Being Thai, the sauce has a sourish base and a little spicy with fish sauce taste. 

Another dish for the rice was the Chicken Drumsticks with Marmite Sauce (RM 14.00). The chicken thigh are first fried and then coated with a flavourful marmite sauce that has a sticky feel.

For those that like to have a fish to accompanied their meal, you can try out the Tilapia Steamed with Home Made Paste (RM 18.00). It would have been perfect if they add in the crunchy pork lard to give it an extra taste.

A Chinese meal cannot go by without a soup;  for us, we had 2 different double boil soup; the first of which is the Old Cucumber soup (RM6.00). 

and the Lotus Root with Peanut soup (RM6.00).

At Leong's Kitchenette @USJ 21, there are 2 Specialty Dishes; the first of which is the Fried Porridge - also one of the main reason, we are here today as we have never their fried porridge before. The first Fried Porridge that we had is the Mackerel (Tenggiri) Fried Porridge (RM 10.50). How to cook Fried porridge? Essentially you start with frying some ginger with some chicken stock and then putting your ingredient like mackerel and then porridge which is then fried and topped with premium quality sesame oil.

The second is the Abalone Sliced Fried Porridge (RM 12.00). I find this a little more clear compared to the earlier one which has a stronger taste from the fried mackerel fish.

The second specialty of Leong's Kitchenette is the serving of the Crabs, the first of which was the Salt Baked Crab. The crab are first fried and then tossed with salt and margarine to give it a nice dried smokey buttery taste. Love the size and the freshness of the crab which was from Indonesia.

The next crab that we had is the Spicy Milky Crab. This is a real special family recipe; we find the sauce very close to the butter style sauce but instead of using butter, the chef uses the sweeten milk (the one that they used for fish head noodle). We were told that 1/2 can of the milk is used to cook this crab or you can imagine the taste of the sauce.

This Spicy Milky Crab is best eaten with the Fried mantou (RM 4.00) for 6 pieces. The fried golden brown mantou has a crisp texture on the outside while the filling is soft; you can lick up the sauce with this mantou. Leong's Kitchenette @USJ 21 is having a promotion for their crab which is RM 65.00 per kg - (normal price is RM85.00).

If you are one that really enjoy good food and not the ambiance or decor, Leong's Kitchenette @USJ 21 Subang Jaya is a definite place to go for some real home cook dishes and most important for Crab lover you don't need to travel far to enjoy some nice crabs or specialty Fried Porridge.