Friday, October 9, 2015

Seafood Buffet At Urban Hotel Istana - A Special Feast Of Fresh Seafood

Mention the sheer word "Seafood", yours truly will be ever ready to taste it without any hesitation. More so a buffet. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste out the new special Seafood Buffet Feast offering at Urban Restaurant +Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur .

The Urban is an exclusive and elegantly decorated restaurant with ultra modern concept at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur. We love the dining experience and ambiance; as it provides a quaint environment where you can dine without the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.

Urban has a specially crafted buffet that is happening twice a week; On every Thursday there is a special buffet for meat lovers (Cravery Nite)and on every Friday a special Seafood Feast; for people like me that have a strong craving for fresh seafood.

At Urban, it offers a wide varieties of seafood that are cooked in different styles and different cooking method; ranging from fresh seafood on ice, Japanese sashimi, western style seafood pasta and even the range of appetizers which some of their main ingredient are also seafood base.

For appetizers Urban +Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur offers a very special range of starters which includes the likes of Apple Salad With Raisin and Raspberry.

Pan Burst Tomato Cherry Vine with Mozzarella Cheese

followed by the Smoked Duck ala Plancha With Balsamic dressing

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Mackerel

For the fresh seafood; it is best to cook by just poaching them, as it retains the best natural flavour of the seafood. Some of the highlight seafood that are presented to diners under the Seafood On Ice are Baby Lobsters, Shellfish, Mussels.

Fresh Oysters

Crabs, Clams & Crayfish.

You may ask; What is best way to serve seafood the Japanese style then serving it as Sashimi. The freshness of the seafood that are served in this special sashimi platter are freshly cut Salmon, Maguro, Sea Bass, Scallop and and slice Octopus.

To complement the fresh sashimi are a wide selection of maki offering too.

For those that love their seafood; the western style, you can start off with the Roast Crispy Salmon Skin with Sichuan Pepper with Tahini Yoghurt.

or for the pasta lovers, there is the Spaghetti With Clam, Garlic, Herbs with Olive Oil

Or the Chilli Flower Crab

There is also the firm texture, succulent and fresh Steamed Peruvian Scallops. 

While for those that loves a little rice for their meal, The Risotto Fruit Di Mare With Prawns, Clam, Mussels and Basil will filled your stomach.

Not forgetting for a dish for the meat lovers there is the Petit Fillet Beef With mashed Potatoes. The tender fillet meat was grilled to the right medium done texture which is still juicy and complement well with the mashed potatoes.

Another cooking style for the sea bass is the Striped Bass With Caramelize Onion and Basil Pesto sauce.

and you can also enjoy the Baked Salmon With Herb Dough

For desserts, Urban serves an array of these petite size desserts; so that one can enjoy more desserts in this way. One of my favourite was the Berries Pavlova,

HoneyDew Pudding on a glass,

Blackcurrant Jelly,


Petite size Creme Brulee,

and the Black Forest Cake.

This once a week Seafood Feast Buffet is only available for dinner every Friday and is priced at RM125.00 nett per person from 6.30pm to 1030pm. For reservations, please call 03-2141 9988 ext 3691.

Urban +Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur also offers a 3 meal course; Executive Set Lunch for RM50.00 nett per person.

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