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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Bangsar Food: Rendez-Vous French Restaurant - A Traditional French Food Love Affair

French people are very particular with the quality of ingredients used but also the way the food are prepared and served. A serving dish usually consist of different taste, aroma and texture specifically to tantalize your taste-bud. With that +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to review this traditional French cuisine at Rendez-Vous French Restaurant located at 100 Lorong Maarof, 59000, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

The concept of the restaurant is to make authentic French cuisine affordable and also to offer a laid-back ambience in a truly relax environment where patrons can enjoy great French food and drinks with family and friends.

To appreciate a full course French meal you first start with a cocktail and the one that we had is the Le Kir Classique (RM26.00). It is a cocktail of white wine & choice of Creme de Cassis, Raspberry and others.

Next we had the Amused Bouche - a single bit size pre-meal appetizer. It is a dish not found from the menu and are served gratis and according to the chef's selection for the day to all present at the table. Our Amused Bouche was the sauteed onion with mushroom.

For starters, the chef recommendation was the Escargot Snails With Parsley and Garlic Butter Sauce in Vol Au Ven (RM34.00). At most restaurant Escargot are commonly served as Baked Cheese Escargot but here we get to taste out this traditional style of cooking with a light crust pastry (Vol Au Ven) which absorb the garlic butter sauce to give a nice texture and taste to the Escargot.

For the Soup, we had the "Soupe De Poissons Facon Laurent" which is Fish Soup Served With Rouille Sauce from Sete (RM26.00). The Rouille is a sauce that consists of olive oil with breadcrumbs, garlic, saffron and chili peppers. It has that special strong taste and when mix with the rich fish soup was excellent that it tasted more like lobster bisque. Served with crouton and extra cheese on the side for those that loves their soup to be extra cheesy with the Rouille Sauce as an add on.

French people have a craving for Pate and the next chef recommendation is non other than the signature Pâté de Chevreuil" Deer Pâté With Hazelnut (RM30.00) - Pâté (French forcemeat) is a mixture of cooked ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste and bake in a terrine. The Deer Pate has a firm texture; had a nice flavour and taste which goes well with the gherkin, caramelized onion and fresh cherry tomatoes with lettuce that makes a good companion to the Pâté.

After the Pâté, next comes the special salad, French people has an acquired taste quite similar to the Chinese as they are fond of cooking and appreciating innards dishes. For this salad, we had the "Salade Perigourdine" a.k.a Breast Smoked Duck (in-house made) with artichoke, gizzards, bacon, sundried tomatoes and topped with a thin slice of Foie Gras. The dressing is a mustard with red wine reduction.

For the main course, the chef recommendation is the Mussel in White Wine. There are 3 type of cooking style that you can choose from. This White Wine style comes with a pot enclosure and when it is opened, the aroma of the white wine and steam from the broth exudes out.

We like this style of cooking with garlic, onion and white wine as it brings out the natural flavours of the mussels.

The next dish is the "Filet Mignon De Porc" which is Pork Tenderloin With French Cepes Mushroom Sauce (RM46.00). The Pork Tenderloin is slow cooked in a vacuum pack and then lightly pan fried and topped with the Cepes Mushroom sauce. This way of cooking ensures that the pork tenderloin has a soft texture while it engulf the pork taste into the meat. The Cepes Mushroom sauce which is made in-house using porcini mushroom leaves a taste so wonderful you are still fantasising about it hours afterwards.

To truly enjoy this particular dish, it would be great to chew the pork tenderloin a little longer, so that it gets contact with more of your taste buds.

The next dish according to Chef Flo is a very authentic traditional French delicacy which is the "Boudin noir aux pommes" i.e. Soft Pork Blood Sausage served with apples and French Style mashed potatoes (RM44.00). The pork blood which are specially source are cooked with herbs and spices and stuffed into the sausage. It is then boiled, fried and ready to be eaten. This dish is a real challenge for many Malaysian; I would say it will be an acquired taste to many which will leave you either a love it or hate it after the meal.

For dessert the Chef recommended that we try out the popular "Crepe Suzzette" aka French Crepe flamed with Grand Mariner (RM26.00). When the dessert arrived at our table; the waiter will first flame the Grand Mariner before pouring it into the Crepe.

After the flame is doused off, upon the first bite of the crepe, we can taste the strong Grand Mariner that is embedded into the crepe which is mix with the orange sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

The last dessert that we had is the Marquise au chocolat which is Densed Mousse served with mint ice cream (RM20.00). We love the Chocolate Mousse as the densed version which is firm have a stronger chocolate taste and blended well with the ice-cream.

Not to be left out, Rendez-Vous French Restaurant is celebrating the Year of Fire Monkey with a few specially created dishes with a French flavour to welcome the prosperity.

For this year Rendez-Vous is also having a special Valentine dinner for you to romance with your loved one the French style. Book early for this Valentine Special today.

For me, at Rendez-Vous French Restaurant Bangsar; one can really enjoy the experience of the flavours of the dishes which are prepared using traditional methods and natural ingredients to retain its authenticity of its taste.