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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sangkaya Bukit Bintang Jalan Alor Joining The Durian Craze - Durian Cendol - The King Of Chendol

This year 2016, is gonna be a great Durian year for me; as we gotten the chance to taste Durian the King of Fruits not only on its whole but in many variations of desserts. Today, we head down to Sangkaya which is famed for its coconut ice-cream at its flagship store located at 79, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, to taste out a new dessert offering.

As many have known one of the hottest talks about in town was a Malaysian Dessert somewhere in early May 2016; was the Durian Cendol in Shah Alam. Now Sangkaya which also serves its version of the famous Malaysian cendol; is also jumping on this bandwagon with their offering.

At Sangkaya, the main difference for the cendol is there is no Santan that is added into the cendol; in place of that is the coconut ice-cream which has a much smoother texture and taste and also with shredded coconut strip which exudes out a more natural coconut taste.

What was set on top of the Cendol Durian (RM13.50) is the species that has a bitter taste and when intertwined with the cool coconut ice cream and the other condiment (Cendol, Corn, Grass Jelly, Red Beans) was perfectly paired. If you love to have an additional durian, you can add it at RM3.50 per piece.

 This King of Chendol is only available at the Jalan Alor outlet (opening time 5 to 1 am daily) and there is a limited daily supply, so it is best to go early to avoid disappointment to eat this dessert.

If Durian is not your cup of tea, you can also try out the original Sangkaya Chendol (RM10.50). All the condiments in this dessert are of premium quality; for example, the corn that is used are the full corn, not the creamy corn, while there are whole roasted peanuts, fresh coconut flesh, Chendol, Grass Jelly and the all important Coconut ice cream (which replaces the Santan) topped with roasted coconut flakes.

For me; One must try the Signature Sangkaya Coconut ice cream (RM10.50) when going to Sangkaya which has a creamy texture . Served on a one-half of the coconut shell, you get 4 full scoops of the coconut ice cream layered with fresh coconut flesh and you can have a choice of 3 toppings (coconut flakes, roasted peanuts, corn flake, cereal, sweet corn, kidney beans) to goes with your ice-cream. There will also be an offering of seasonal extra topping like raisin during the Ramadan season for you to choose from.

For some of you which like to explore on other flavours; can order the Signature Sangkaya Ice-Cream; where you can choose the other flavours like the " Cha Yen" , "Teh IJO" or the "Chokoko" flavour besides their popular Original Coconut Flavour.

There are other drinks that you can order at Sangkaya namely the Coconut Coffee series (from RM6.50 to RM7.30)  like the CoLatte, CoCinno, CoBlack, CoBlack Jelly for those that loves a taste of coffee with is blended with coconut water and/or coconut milk.

And for others that prefer a cold drinks can also order their Shakes series, which has the Original Coconut Shake (RM9.40), Chai Yen Coconut Shake, Teh Ijo Coconut Shake or the Chokoko Coconut Shake. Sangkaya is currently running an on-going promotion which is for the order of any 2 Shakes at RM15.00.