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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Durian - King Of Fruit Season Is Here in Malaysia - Musang King and Black Thorn Durian Feast at Durian King TTDI Bukit Bintang

Durian - The King Of Fruit Season has finally arrived. For fans and diehard of Durian, you can start to indulge in Durians for the next 2 -3 months.

At Durian King Bukit Bintang and Durian King TTDI, the season starts off with the arrival of 2 of the most sought after Durian species which is the Musang King (from Raub) and also the Black Thorn (from Penang).

We had the first-hand opportunity to taste these 2 species of Durian; For the Black Thorn, this is the first time that I have tasted it. For fans of Musang King, the Black Thorn is one level up in terms of taste and texture; it has that is creamier texture and taste compares with Musang King.

Photo Courtesy of Durian King Facebook page
One of the distinctive difference is the colour of the Durian flesh, while the Musang King is bright yellow as the earlier photo; the top quality flesh of a Black Thorn is orange in colour. We were told that for Black Thorn; it will taste even better when it is kept one day after picking up the fruit which has just drop from the Durian fruit tree. By doing so; it will turn the Durian flesh to have that bright glowing orange colour as depicted by the above photo.

At Durian King; all the durian are transported fresh from the contracted farm in Penang and Raub on a daily basis. We were told that in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, you will not be able to get any Black Thorn Durian from any Durian store as they have contracted all of the farms that supply this Black Thorn.

To spot the difference between Black Thorn and other species is quite easy. You just look at the bottom of the Durian and in the middle, you will see a thorn jutting out and it will turn black when it is ripe; but it does fall off;

the other distinct feature is the shape of the Durian which resembles a Star Fruit like shape as shown in the photo.

For the Musang King, to identify; there is 2 distinct character; the first is the marking around the durian at the stem as shown above.

and at the bottom, there is a star like brown marking there.

Durian Musang King

At Durian King, they are also the first in Malaysia to serve Chill Durian at the shop; We quip; why sell chill Durians; the owner says that in the past he noticed that there are a number of customers that like to bring home the Durian to be consumed after chilling it; so he decided to invest in the chiller and put up the Durian in the chiller for customer to enjoy chilled Durian. You can still opt for the Non-chill version too.

Lastly; one of the most talked about dessert in town now is the Durian Cendol. At Durian King Bukit Bintang and Durian king TTDI, they are also jumping on this bandwagon to serve Durian Cendol too; but in this case, we had the Black Thorn Durian Cendol instead.

We were also given a short lesson on how to choose a nice Durian by the Durian King himself Mr Erik Ong; just for your info 

First test: You pick up a Durian; put it near your nose; take a deep sniff (breath) from the nose to smell it; if you can smell the durian aroma you pass the first test.

Second Test: Give it a shake; if you can feel that there is knocking; that means the Durian is good.

There you have it; So for Durian fans; get ready your stomach to feast on the King of Fruits - The Durian season is here.