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Friday, 17 June 2016

2016 Ramadan Buka Puasa Bangi : Cafe Lavista Hotel Bangi Putrajaya Citarasa Ramadan

The tradition of breaking fast together with the entire family during Ramadan is a very cherished moment.  What better way to have a scrumptious traditional Malay and International cuisine at Cafe Lavista of Bangi Hotel Putrajaya, Selangor which has its' theme of "Citarasa Ramadan". 

From 6th June to 5th July, diners can experience a celebration of authentic Malay dishes specially prepared by the chef at the Hotel.

Among some of the specialties, dishes starting from my favourite; is the Sup Tulang Campur. Loves this herbs and spice based soup to kick start the buffet. You can select the type of parts that you love to eat. Additionally, you can also add in the bee hoon or noodles if you like it to goes with this wholesome soup.

My next favourite is the Curry Fish Head; here the Chef uses the Kerapu Fish which is also my favourite when it comes to curry fish. Love the fish meat which has a firm texture. Went for a second helping for this dish.

The other main dish that is available is the Ayam Masak Merah

followed by the Chinese Chilli Prawn

Ikan Goreng Berlada

Mutton Varuval

Nyonya Curry Sting Ray

Paru Sambal

Sotong Lemak Cili Api

Next, we move on to the Grilling Station where you are served the Beef and Chicken Satay

Ikan Bakar

and the all important not to be missed Whole Roast Lamb.

For some of you, you can opt for some Western food like the carbonara and/or Napolinata Spaghetti

or the array of steaming hot Chinese Dim Sum

and those that are more adventurous or game to try out new dishes, you can try out the Mongolian BBQ for a change.

But be sure, to head over to the freshly cut fruits to tone down your stomach after the heavy meals.

or try out the varieties of cakes and traditional Malay kuih that is available.

For reservation and more information, please call 03-8210 2222 or email
We felt extremely pleased that the hotel has taken a great initiative to promote an awareness program to encourage patrons of the importance of not wasting food during this Ramadan. We could see the sign posted all over the restaurant. Bravo to "Love Food Hate Waste".