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Monday, 22 August 2016

Moon Cake Festival 2016 - Summer Palace Restaurant Marriott Hotel Putrajaya Special Crafted Mooncake For Mid Autumn

Mooncake is an important symbol for the mid-Autumn Festival as it symbolises longevity and family reunion besides the lantern. From now onwards; Summer Palace Restaurant Marriott Hotel Putrajaya offers a nice selection as gifts for friends and family.

Traditionally, the mooncake is round in shape, a symbol of unity, with a thin pastry layer and a rich filling made from lotus seed paste or red bean paste with an egg yolk in the centre.

In recent years, the variety of flavours of mooncake has become a great challenge to Pastry Chef due to the demand from customers who would like to savour these new flavours.

One of the more popular flavours is the green tea flavoured mooncake. Celebrating 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival, Chef Chan (Head of Pastry and Dim Sum) of Summer Palace Restaurant Marriott Hotel Putrajaya has crafted out 5 special mooncakes flavours.

The first of which is the Crystal Green tea Paste with Single Yolk.

The second is the traditional Baked Mooncake with Lotus Paste and Single Yolk.

 While the third is the Shanghai Mooncake with Single Yolk & Duo Paste of Jade Pandan & Supreme White Lotus. This is followed by the Baked Mooncake with Red Bean Paste & Single Yolk and the last one is the Crystal Durian Paste With Single Yolk.

Chef Chan who hails from Ipoh, Perak had his basics mooncake making from the guidance of his mother who was known for making mooncakes. With more than 15 years experience in traditional mooncake making, Chef Chan is able to make these mooncakes with a fairly thin crust while having the right balance of oil and sweetness level that will be a delight to eat.

As the current practice of mooncakes, Summer Palace Restaurant Marriott Hotel Putrajaya have specially crafted 2 customised gifts boxes to compliment these delicious mooncake making it a perfect collection to the avid box collector.

Presented in a beautiful gift box, it is just perfect for you to choose the mooncakes at Summer Palace Restaurant Marriott Hotel Putrajaya as gifts for your friends, family or as a corporate gift. The regular box of 4 is available at RM92.00 Nett, VIP Box of 4 is available at RM128.00 Nett (inclusive of an attractive Chinese Tea Set) while the individual mooncakes are available at RM23.00 nett per piece.

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn festival, Chef Chan has also crafted out 3 new Dim Sum dish for you to savour besides the popular Dim Sum offering of Summer Palace Restaurant Marriott Hotel Putrajaya. The first being the Steamed Crystal Dumpling With Black Caviar. The wafer thin dumpling skin marries perfectly to the bouncy texture of the prawn based filling while the natural taste of  the black caviar was a perfect complement to the final taste of the superbly done dumpling.

The second Dim Sum is the Steamed Shrimp Dumpling With Dried Scallop; The Chef have crafted this dumpling that looks like a piece of Green White Jade. Topped with a generous amount of Tobiko, it gives this Dim Sum a bursting feel and flavour in each and every bite.

and the third Dim Sum is the cute Porcupine shape bun which is named as Lotus Steamed Bun. It takes around 10 minutes to craft it out and it looks too nice to be eaten.

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