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Monday, 15 August 2016

Sanoook Thai Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid West - Fusion Thai Japanese Cuisine

Fans of Thai and Japanese Food can take heed on this newly open Sanoook Thai-Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid located at Lot 4 Ground Floor Sunway Pyramid Hotel West Bandar Sunway 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor.

Sanook which means 'Fun" in the Thai language sets the tone and theme for this restaurant.  To go one step further they have added an extra 'O' to the Sanook word which to them means 'Friendship'. In short, it means having fun with friends.

As a new sibling from the popular Thai food group i.e Chakri Palace Group, set the tone for the Thai Chef based on his secret recipe to craft out new fusion Thai food dishes with Japanese creative culture and presentation. This will set the tone for all its current and future dishes that will be featured at Sanoook Thai-Japanese Restaurant.

Ordering for your food at Sanoook Thai Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid is using an interactive menu where at every table there is a tablet that lets you self order your drinks & dishes and even gets you your bills. No need to hello here and hello there anymore.

Our review started off with the 4 Season Platter (RM 37.90). A nice snack to start off a meal which has 4 different type of snacks which is the Crispy Calamari, Salmon Cream Croquette, Vegetarian Spring Rolls and the tasty Thai Fish Cake with Thai Chicken Ball. The snack was fried to a deep crisp and came with several sauce for dipping.

The next dish is the Sanoook Salad Japanese Cucumber Wrapped With Salmon, Avocado & Baked Apple (RM 29.90). A very refreshing salad to whet your appetite as the salad was filled with a combination of fresh tomatoes, leafy greens, avocado, baked apples, rolled salmon and dashes of sesame mayo sauce.

You can't miss out on the next dish which is Tom Yum Soup With River Prawn (RM 23.90), a signature dish at Chakri Palace. At Sanoook Thai-Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid; the way to serve this soup came with a Japanese twist which the soup is served in sake bottle instead.

This is then followed by the Pan Fried Tuna Steak With Spinach & Mixed Mushroom Served With Teriyaki Sauce (RM 28.90).

For BBQ fans, Sanoook Thai-Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid serves a few different set skewers; the first of which is that we tasted is the Salmon Belly Skewer With Lime Chili Sauce (RM 77.90). Loves the melting fats of the salmon belly which were matched with a tinge of  Lime sauce.

The second skewers set is the Chicken Skewer With Massaman Sauce (RM 32.90). Masaman sauce is a Thai concoction of onions, coconut milk, peanuts, and chilies. Much like the taste of a mild satay sauce.

For non-meat eaters, you can opt for the Vege Skewers set (Tomato, Corn, Zucchini, Capsicum, leek) With Sanoook Sauce (RM 28.90).

At Sanoook Thai-Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid, as a Japanese fusion setup, they do offers a few varieties of sushi, the first of which that we tried is the Soft Shell Crab With Thai Mango Chili Sauce Sushi (RM 34.90).

or if you like it with a spicy treats, you can opt for the Tuna With Tom Yum Sauce Sushi (RM 27.90).

or the multi coloured Sanoook's Rainbow with Sesame Sauce  (RM19.90) - A very special sushi with a multitude of colour ingredients forming the rainbow colours.

Also lastly, one of the other special fusion dish that you probably can't find elsewhere is the Chicken Burger With Teriyaki Sauce (RM 17.90). The bun has been replaced with the compact rice which is shaped as a bun and topped with a seaweed sheet. 

For desserts, we like the Fresh Durian Ice-Cream With Coconut Milk (RM 21.90). The Durian flesh makes it a real wonders and was perfectly matched with Vanilla ice cream intercepted with the creamy coconut milk. We really like the combination that makes this dessert; a cold and sweet end to one's meal.

The last dessert is the Thai Volcano (RM 18.90). Quite similar to the Malaysian ABC but with a slight variation in the ice shaving. Instead of the normal ice, the shaving is from a milk tea ice.  The end result is similar to having an ABC with Teh Tarik.

For health enthusiast, Sanoook Thai-Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid offers a Salad Jaar Takeaway which comes in 4 flavours i.e A Full Feeling Soba (RM12.90), Orchard Muesli (RM12.90), All-Rounder Kick Boxer (RM14.90) and Omega Goodness (RM14.90).

SANOOOK Thai-Japanese Restaurant Sunway Pyramid Address
Lot 4 Ground Floor,Sunway Pyramid Hotel West
Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03 - 5650 5196