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Monday, 1 August 2016

U Mobile U Foodie Raya Ramadhan AidilFitri Special Celebration With Ketchup Community

U Foodie Raya campaign ended with a bang and social foodie galore as U Mobile celebrates the Grand Finale of their Ramadhan/Aidilfitri Tactical campaign with 6 renowned F & B brands at 6 of their selected outlets.

The 6 F & B brands that have come together in Partnership with U Mobile are Caffe Bene, Fish & Co, Sangkaya, Sweet Hut, Yoshinoya & Hanamaru with the objective to create a celebratory Ramadhan and as well as a Hari Raya Buzz like hype at their selected outlets.

This 6 weeks long campaign which ended last weekend, has generated a sustainable higher revenue for the F & B brands and garnered more U Mobile users during the Ramadhan month. ‘U Mobile has successfully channeled the Ramadhan Promotion designed for these 6 brands to hundreds of thousands of U Mobile subscribers via our MyUMobile app as well as through their 5 on-ground brand activation outlet of each F & B brands ’, said Jessica Wai Financial Services & Loyalty of U Mobile Sdn Bhd. ‘Users of MyUMobile app could also stand a chance to win 3 days 2 nights stay in Penang sponsored by roomorama,’ added Jessica.

The 2-day Grand Finale of Ramadhan/Raya Open House which was held on 16 July 2016 and 17 July 2016 at various selected outlets of these F & B Brands as a token of appreciation from U Mobile to Caffe Bene, Fish & Co, Sangkaya, Sweet Hut, Yoshinoya & Hanamaru.

+BestRestaurant ToEat manages to attend to 2 of the Open House venue which the first is Sangkaya which is popularly known for its' coconut Ice Cream and the current talk of town Durian Cendol and

Fish & Co to taste the award winning Fish and Chip.

This Aidilfitri Open House Foodie Galore was powered by KetchUp Community, a community of foodie & Social Lovers who love a good deal in awesome city-inspired places.

U Mobile believes in being close to the People, giving mall-crawling families what they need, a fuss-free way to connect and a good meal for everyone !! At the same time!