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OBL - Original Banana Leaf IOI City Mall Putrajaya - Banana Leaf Rice

Original Banana Leaf IOI City Mall Putrajaya

PUTRAJAYA BANANA LEAF: Finding banana leaf rice to eat in Putrajaya can be a real challenge? Now when you are in Putrajaya and have a craving for banana leaf rice, you can now satisfy your banana leaf rice indulgent at the newly opened OBL - Original Banana Leaf Restaurant which is located at GE-14, Ground Floor, IOI City Mall Lebuh IRC 62502, IOI Resort, Putrajaya, Selangor.

Original Banana Leaf IOI City Mall Putrajaya Set Lunch Promotion

Most people that love banana leaf rice which is traditionally served at the coffee shop or roadside stall are usually hot and stuffy and at end of the meals, you get an additional sweaty feel. At OBL - Original Banana Leaf Rice, you can dine in the comfort of an air-conditioned and clean environment.

Halal Banana Leaf Restaurant Putrajaya

What's more, for the Muslim, they can dine in with a peace of mind as OBL which is a Halal Certified Banana Leaf Restaurant outlet.

Do watch our gastronomic Banana Leaf Rice video showcasing the food that we ate.

Halal Banana Leaf Rice Feast

At OBL - Original Banana Leaf Rice Putrajaya, you can find many favourite ala carte curry dishes like the Chicken Varuval, Fried Tenggiri Fish, Mutton Curry and many more that are served here.

Banana Leaf Rice Fried Chicken Set

Other must-have condiments such as the Rasam and Thairu are also served. To make it easy for customers, OBL offers a number of set menu dishes for lunch from 12pm-3pm Monday to Friday. The first of which is the Fried Chicken set (RM15.90) The set is a complete offering with a combination of 3 vegetable side dishes, fried dried chillies and papadam which coincidentally is also the Vegetarian Set.

Banana Leaf Rice Fried Tenggiri Fish Set

For fans of fried fish, an order Fried Tenggiri Fish Set (RM17.90) is a good option as the Fish is fried ala-minute which is still hot when served to us.

Banana Leaf Rice Mutton Paratel Set

While the fans mutton can choose the Mutton Paratel Set (RM21.90)

Banana Leaf Rice Chicken Varuval Set

and the last set is the Chicken Varuval Set. (RM15.90)

Banana Leaf Rice Vegetarian Set

For vegetarian or those that would love to order the curries dishes as ala-carte can opt for the Vegetarian Set (RM8.50)

OBL Banana Leaf Rice Curry Fish Head

These set dishes can also be ordered ala-carte and there are a number of the other dishes for you to indulge in; we tried the Ikan Tenggiri Fish Head Curry (RM50.00 for 800g to 1kg) while the smaller size between 400 to 500gm is RM35.00 as our first ala-carte order. The curry which was infused with spices was flavourful and goes well with the steaming white rice that was served to us.

OBL Banana Leaf Rice Kurma Chicken

while our second order is the Chicken Kurma (RM7.50).

OBL Banana Leaf Rice Lollipop Chicken

and our final ala-carte dish is the Lollipop Chicken (RM12.90 for 4 pieces); which is quite similar to a boxing chicken but at OBL; it uses the chicken drumette but with the Indian spices marination. It is deep fried to a nice crunch and was great to be paired with the curried rice.

OBL Original Banana Leaf Putrajaya Menu - Roti Tissue

Besides serving the Banana Leaf Rice, OBL also serves Thosai and Porri. We tried the Roti Tissue (RM3.80) which was made into a wafer-thin crunchy texture which is quite addictive. While eating this, you will be like a monster crunching the Thosai with the sound of the crunch at every bite.

OBL Original Banana Leaf Putrajaya Menu - Plain Thosai

For Thosai fans, you can taste out the Plain Thosai (RM2.80) which also have a nice crispy crunch.

OBL Original Banana Leaf Putrajaya Menu - Rava Thosai

While the Rava Thosai (RM3.00) was infused with onion and green chillies that went well with the Dhall curries.

OBL Original Banana Leaf Putrajaya Menu - Pattaya Fried Rice

To provide more food option for the customer, OBL also serves other popular Mamak dishes such as the Pattaya Fried Rice (RM8.90)

OBL Original Banana Leaf Putrajaya Menu - Maggi Mee Goreng With Chicken

and Maggi Mee Goreng With Chicken (RM10.90).

Original Banana Leaf Putrajaya IOI City Mall

All in all, it was great to find a  restaurant that can satisfy our Banana Leaf Rice cravings in Putrajaya, Selangor. For more promotion and offering, you can check out OBL - Original Banana Leaf Facebook page.

OBL - Original Banana Leaf IOI City Mall Putrajaya  Location Address Map.

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