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CYBER ECO HUNT 2019 - Alam Flora Bhd & DHES SDN BHD


Humans, though often unintentionally, have the most detrimental impact on the environment. However, there is a multitude of ways in which we can help the environment as well. 

CYBER ECO HUNT 2019 Promotion Banner

First and foremost, a clean environment is vital to not only to our own healthy living but the survival of all living things. With this in mind, DHES Sdn Bhd has embarked on an awareness program called CYBER ECO HUNT 2019 to drives this message to folks living in the Klang Valley.

CYBER ECO HUNT 2019 - Alam Flora Bhd & DHES SDN BHD - Shah Alam - Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya


DHES SDN BHD is a one-stop centre premium environmental services such as Integrated Waste Management, Recycling and Waste Treatment Technology, Infrastructure Cleansing Services, Asset Facilities Management and Project Management & Consultancy services.

DHES Sdn Bhd cleaning services

The Cyber Eco Hunt 2019 was kicked off with the introduction of one of DHES Sdn Bhd cleaning services. Whether it is for your office or home, you can call them to provide a comprehensive cleaning service.

DHES Sdn Bhd garden and landscaping services

You can also engage DHES Sdn Bhd for maintenance of your garden and landscaping work.

River Of Life - Do Not Throw Rubbish Into The River

Having a clean river is very important to our enviroment and this leads us to our next task - Kuala Lumpur River of Life where you can view the beauty of Kuala Lumpur famous river converging at Masjid Jamek. The problem of littering is a known fact and most of the litters end up in the river. We have to understand the urgency to always throw rubbish at the proper place and not everywhere so that there is no need to clean our rivers. 

It was reported that there are more than 16650 tonnes of food waste in the country daily. As a food blogger, we always practise Love food hate waste i.e we only order what we can eat. Secondly we always have our own recycle container in the car; where we will take home any unfinished food to be consumed later from the container. This is good not only for the environment but always saving us some money in the process.

Thirdly the recyclable container is used when we purchased food from the shop. In this way, we can reduce the usage of single-use plastic packaging material that these shop used to pack their food. 

AlamFlora DHES 3R On Wheels - Sell Your Recycled Item

To me, recycling is a matter of habit. Now you can recycle with AlamFlora DHES 3R On Wheels that will come to your housing estate to collect the recycled material. What's more, you can also recycle used oil for CASH too. Besides cash, you can also collect rewards point if you have a Petronas Kad Mesra. You can also give a call to them to arrange for the 3R On Wheels (0134642619 - Mr Farid) to come to your housing estate.

DHES Recycling Community Centre - Sell Your Recycled Item

TURN WASTE TO CASH, it is really possible; Yes it is true. With a little habit change, you can turn your waste into cash at DHES Recycling Community Centre. Do your part to keep Malaysia Clean, start now by collecting your waste for recycling.

DHES Integrated Recycling Centre

Our last stop is at the Integrated Recycling Centre. Here is where all the collected and purchased recycled item are sent to. At the integrated recycling centre the different items are the separated, packaged, bundled in bales and sent to its final destination.

Cyber Eco Hunt 2019 - Blogger 1st Runner Up

Overall, it has been an enlightening event for us to experience first hand the journey of recycled item from its' source to the end. It will only enforce us on our collective responsibility and care for the environment even more from now.

For more information and updates about DHES SDN BHD, you can visit DHES Sdn Bhd facebook page or website

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