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Grilled Butter Chicken From The Chicken Rice Shop TCRS is back

The Chicken Rice Shop TCRS Grilled Butter Chicken

Food Review: Hey everyone, did you know that you can get your grilled butter chicken from the Chicken Rice Shop outlet in Malaysia. For those that have missed out earlier, now your chance to taste it now is back due to the popular demand from its customers. 

The Chicken Rice Shop Grilled Butter Chicken

The grilled butter chicken is a perfect match for everyone that loves the pairing of chicken and butter - a dish when churned out to be rich in texture and flavour. You will not miss out on the combination’s of creaminess/smoothness of the buttery curry aroma and the fine texture of the chicken meat.

Grilled Butter Chicken From The Chicken Rice Shop TCRS 

TCRS Grilled Butter Chicken

 The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) is announcing the return of its most sought-after year-end menu, the Grilled Butter Chicken, available from now till 17 January 2021 - specially made for Malaysians to taste and to entice them with the perfect companion.


TCRS Grilled Butter Chicken Menu - Set B - 2 Pax

Being one of the most anticipated dishes at TCRS, it has kept customers on their toes annually just to get their hands on the creamy flavour of the grilled boneless chicken thigh topped with a golden buttery sauce, garnished with curry leaves and red chillies – winning a special place in the hearts of Malaysians.

The Chicken Rice Shop - Soya Sauce Chicken

June Song, Head of Marketing of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd shared that the Grilled Butter Chicken is a dish loved by all, not just for its richness in flavours but a marriage that works so well. A popular demand among Malaysians yearly, TCRS is always ready to serve their customers with the most-awaited menu of the year.

TCRS Nyonya Pai Tee

“Butter is not just an ingredient but an essential element that keeps us satisfied and happy, and the love for butter never fades. With each bite of our Grilled Butter Chicken, Malaysians will repeatedly fall in love with a dish that melts the heart,” said June. 

TCRS Spicy Savoury Ladies Finger

 "We constantly strive to improve ourselves in providing not just tasty but also quality food, which is why this particular menu has become a hit over the years. Our year-end treat will not be a success without the support of our customers.”

The Chicken Rice Shop - Sai To Fishball Soup

TCRS stays true to their tagline ‘Chicken Rice… and More’ as they never fail to attract patrons with various local delights that Malaysians can relate to including their annual year-end treat.


The Chicken Rice Shop - Chicken Rice

The Grilled Butter Chicken is the perfect dish to end the year - bringing you a fresh start to the new year with its smoothness and a tastebud perfect pairing.


The Chicken Rice Shop Logo

“We are bringing back a dish that will not only make you crave for more but when you meet the perfect match in our Grilled Butter Chicken, the enthusiasm and desire to savour it further creates a delightfully eventful experience – a treat to perfectly end the year,” June concluded.

TCRS Grilled Butter Chicken Menu

The Chicken Rice Shop is offering Grilled Butter Chicken (GBC) either as ala-carte (RM18.90) or from the set menu, which is Set A - For 1 Pax at RM21.90, Set B for 2 Pax at RM49.90 and Set C for 4 Pax at RM88.90. For each set, you can also add-on some of the other side orders; such as TCRS Boba Tea at a special price.

TCRS Jadikan GBC Jodoh Anda Special Menu

To add to the festivities, you can join in the "Jadikan GBC Jodoh Anda" Instagram Filter Contest which is organized by The Chicken Rice Shop Sdn Bhd and will run from 16 November 2020 to 20 December 2020 

To be eligible for the contest, participants must be a fan of The Chicken Rice Shop’s Official Facebook, Instagram, and/or TikTok pages.

Note: Those who are not fans of The Chicken Rice Shop’s Official Facebook, Instagram and/or TikTok pages are NOT eligible to participate in the Contest ("Eligible Participants").

The Chicken Rice Shop

HOW TO ENTER "Jadikan GBC Jodoh Anda" Instagram Filter Contest

1. Contest runs on Instagram Stories, Facebook and Instagram feed, and TikTok.

2. Purchase Grilled Butter Chicken from The Chicken Rice Shop, and take a photo of it.

3. Open Instagram Stories and search for “fake video call” filters.

4. Choose any “fake video call” filter and select the “Add Media” option.

5. Add the photo of Grilled Butter Chicken Using the “fake video call” filter, tell Grilled Butter Chicken how much you love it.

6. Upload the video on your Facebook/Instagram feed/stories, or TikTok (Profile with higher following)

7. Tag thechickenriceshop and hashtag #JadikanGBCJodohAnda #TCRS #GrilledButterChicken on your post/stories Set your profile/post to public.

8. Your submission must not contain Nudity, Racism, Sexism or any other Sensitive or Discriminatory Content.

9. TEN 10 winners with the most creative video will be selected. Each winner will receive 1 x e voucher for Grilled Butter Chicken Meal A.

For more information on Grilled Butter Chicken or other promotions available at The Chicken Rice Shop visit www.thechickenriceshop.com or its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thechickenriceshop/   or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thechickenriceshop/?hl=en

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