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MJ SS3 Kopitiam - My Top Pick From Your Neighbourhood Coffee Shop In SS3 Petaling Jaya

MJ SS3 Kopitiam

Coffeeshop Food Hunt: A long-time buddy recently brought me to a new coffee shop in SS3 and suggested that we try out a few of the stalls there, which sell some tasty dishes. With this in mind, we set out for SS3 for our food hunting trip.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam

We arrived at MJ SS3 Kopitiam, which is located at 31, Jalan SS3/37, Taman Universiti, 47300 Petaling Jaya, to find a well-kept and clean establishment.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam - My Top Pick From Your Neighbourhood Coffee Shop In SS3 Petaling Jaya

MJ SS3 Kopitiam

We opted to order a couple items from several of the stalls after a round of going around and applying our food hunting prowess. To start off, we ordered a couple of recommended dishes to start with after reading some online reviews. Here are our top picks after sampling a few of them.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Curry Mee Stall

1. Curry Mee - A great curry mee, in my opinion, is one that has a creamy soup with a good balance of coconut milk, the right spiciness of the chilli, and the fragrance of the spices would be ideal for me. 

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Curry Mee

The curry mee here tick all my checklist.  The curry mee served here is topped with pieces of curry chicken and well blended with the curry soup base. 

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Dry Curry Mee

If the soup base version is not for you, you can order the dry version which is equally good.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Fried Rice With Duck Egg

2. Fried Rice - I rarely order fried rice when dining at the coffee shop, but this one sparked my curiosity as the poster on the stall says it is cooked with duck eggs and the picture looks appetising. I was not disappointed as the  "wok hei" was just right and the duck egg complimented well to give a tasty treat.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Chee Cheong Fun - Mushroom Minced Meat Sauce

3. Ipoh Style Chee Cheong Fun - Mushroom Minced Meat Sauce. According to the stall owner, their Chee Cheong Fun is freshly delivered every day, which has a nice soft texture and perfectly matches with the sauce. 

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Chee Cheong Fun - Curry Pork Skin Sauce

The stalls also offer 2 other sauce flavours which are Curry Pork Skin Sauce 

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Chee Cheong Fun - Sweet And Spicy Sauce

and the Sweet And Spicy Sauce.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Chicken Rice Stall

4. Char Siew rice - The char siew was really tender and had a melt-in-your-mouth feel. 

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Chicken Rice Stall - Roast Chicken And Char Siew

It was grilled to a nice sear, and the chicken rice went nicely with it.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Dry Pork Noodles

Other dishes that we tasted were Pork Noodles,

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Char Kway Teow

Penang Style Char Kway Teow

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Dry Pan Mee

and Dry Pan Mee 

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Croissant

Croissant, a very unusual item not found in other coffee shops, is available at the MJ SS3 Kopitiam. 

MJ SS3 Kopitiam Croissant Set

We decided to order this croissant set which came with a glass of coffee and two half-boiled eggs. The coffee here is good and has a robust coffee flavour.

MJ SS3 Kopitiam White Coffee

So, if you're in the SS3 neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya, you've got a new place to taste some of these meals and do remember to give us your thoughts.

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