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Friday, 10 July 2015

Yun Fly Caffe Puchong Setiawalk - Your First Choice Review By Best Restaurant

Y generation these days like to find cool and new cafe to hang out with friends; while enjoying a nice chat over a cup of gourmet coffee. +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited by #Cafekaki to review the Yun Fly Caffe (YFC) located at  B-6-G, Puchong SetiaWalk, Puchong, Selangor.

Yun Fly Caffe has a very simple design with wooden furniture and settee sets where one can enjoy the cafe ambiance while dining here. The dishes offering of Yun Fly Caffe range from Western to Chinese Cuisine and gourmet coffees.

Our review started with an order of a special customized latte for Best Restaurant To Eat.

followed by our first dish which is the Tom Yam Seafood Soup RM13.90. The Tom yam soup served here is not the overly spicy type but with a tinge of sweetness and sourish taste.

Next we had the superbly Tom Yam Fried Rice RM13.90. You can really taste the strong aroma of the wok hei in the Fried Rice. Cook with the special Tom Yam paste, it was very tasty and was of the right spicy level that makes us go for a second helping on this.

After that we had the Kam Hiong Sauce Chicken Rice RM13.90. 

After the fried rice, we had the Black Pepper Seafood Pasta RM16.90. The black pepper used was very mild; I would have preferred a stronger taste of black pepper though.

The last dish we had was the signature Coffee Chicken Chop RM18.90. This dish is on their special menu, If you really yearn to taste this special dish, you have to call to make order one day before your visit. Here, the Chef uses a special sauce to marinate for 6 hours, slow-cook with frying pan before serving you. The sauce are at the sides, so you can control how much sauce you like to have.

Yun Fly Caffe serves some very delicious desserts too, the first is the YFC Affogato RM13.90. The Espresso was very strong which was to my liking.

followed by the Caramel Nutella Banana-Cream Waffle RM10.90. I love this waffle with the sweet drizzle of the nutella. For me, it was quite a good combination of ingredient in this waffle.

the next is the Mango Peach Mille Crepe RM13.90

and the last cake was the Chocolate Berry Mille Crepe RM13.90

For drinks, we had the Green Tea Caffe RM9.90

followed by Butterscotch Latte Frappe RM11.90

and The Yun Fly Signature Drink RM 9.90

Currently Yun Fly Caffe (YFC) is running the following Promotion

  • Fish & Chips RM7.90 nett
  • Add on RM3 for drink with purchase any main course
  • Free drink with purchase a slice of cake
  • RM7.90 with unlimited refill French fried

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