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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Puchong Setia Walk Big Spoon - A Spoonful of Food review by Best Restaurant

Nowadays the trend of eating is to eat a petite serving thereby enabling you to taste more delicacies. With that note, Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to preview Big Spoon at D-7-G, Block D, Setia Walk Persiaran Wawasan Puchong, Selangor.

The unique concept of Big Spoon is to serve an unique American Chinese fusion cuisine in a spoon, a real big spoon.

The decor of Big Spoon is one with a simple no-fuss design with a very simple menu - real fast food stuff.

Most of the dishes served at Big Spoon are quite similar in concept like a dim sum offering, where you can order these appetizer dishes.

We started the review with the Tomatoes in Sweet Osmanthus sauce - This is one of the most popular appetizers during summer. Chilled tomatoes are tossed with an inhouse made osmanthus glaze to give it a refreshing sweet and sour taste with a subtle fragrance of osmanthus to stimulate your appetite in a hot summer afternoon.

followed by the Oriental Salad - A Fresh, crisp, and cold combination of Iceberg Lettuce, cherry tomatoes and Fried Wonton Wrap. Drizzled with an oriental flavor salad dressing which consist of Soy sauce, Peanut butter, vinegar, sugar and black bean hot sauce.

and followed by Steam Dumplings which came with a special in house sauce. I find the dough to be a little too thick though.

After which we had the Pan Fried Dumplings - This version of dumpling is the Pan fried northeast china handmade Dumplings which is stuffed with chicken and napa cabbage. It goes well together with either the house special black bean hot sauce or the combination of vinegar and house special hot oil. 

the next appetizer we had is the Fried Spring Roll - This Spring roll is an iconic item on most menu of Chinese restaurant in America. The spring roll here at Big Spoon is served with an house special dipping sauce.

The last starter that we had was the Strawberry butter cream prawns (not on menu yet)- Big size wild catch of sea prawns from South China Sea is cooked to perfection to ensure the bouncy and firm texture of the prawn is maintained. Served with butter cream sauce which is sweet and savory and garnish with strawberry to add a sweet tinge of sourish of the strawberry to extract out the full flavors of the Prawns.

Chicken Cold Noodle - A cold noodle dish topped with shredded chicken meat.

For desserts, we had the Golden Pear Essence Dessert - A 3 hours-slow-cooked clear soup; boil with Pear, white fungus, wolfberries, and rock sugar. 

followed by the Crispy Taro Roll – which is a homemade hot dessert or snack stuffed with taro root paste which has no artificial coloring or flavoring while the two ends of roll are dipped in fragrant roasted sesame seed.

For me, the overall food that are served at Big Spoon is more for a snack meal or small eat where you savour each of these snacks. For people who likes to munch; Big Spoon meals will be a good choice for you.

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