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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

EDO Ramen @Mid Valley – Affordable Ramen For Ramen Lovers Review – Best Restaurant To Eat

By sheer coincidence, this is a back to back review of premium food made affordable by its sheer business prowess of its operator. We did one of the affordable meals earlier which was pasta but this time around it is the Ramen - another one of my favorite food. We had quite a number of Ramen reviews which, were priced anywhere from RM20.00 and above for a super tasty bowl of goodness.

We were invited to the EDO RAMEN @MID VALLEY outlet located at Mid Valley for the new offering of quality ramen at below RM10.00. Sounds impossible. So, what is in store, does it meets our expectation of a good quality and tasty Ramen.

EDO RAMEN @MID VALLEY décor is just a simple décor with minimum Japanese décor. It is brightly lit, has a simple menu and service is quick. This is the model in Japan, where customers come in for a quick bowl of ramen at a low price. Most of the time due to space constraint in Japan, the Japanese usually slurp up the piping hot Ramen standing

EDO RAMEN @MID VALLEY makes its own home made Ramen fresh daily, from the outlet based on a unique recipe by notable ramen connoisseur Mr Tetsuya Fukino. This is to ensure that you will be able to continue to enjoy the springy ramen.

The simple menu offering in EDO RAMEN @MID VALLLEY offers Ramen enthusiasts the option of 5 types of soups which is TOKYO, TONKOTSU, MISO, BLACK and GYUKOTSU and 2 categories of toppings (normal and ultimate) depending on your personal preference. Each bowl of Ramen also comes with a Lava Egg topping.

The first soup based we had, was the TONKOTSU broth in which, pork leg bones and trotters are boiled over medium to high heat, to extract out the marrow and collagen, which explains the strong hearty pork flavours of the broth.

After more than 12 hours, the final result is that the broth is of light brown in colour, sticky, thick and of a creamy quality – the hallmark of a tasty TONKOTSU broth. Although this is not the best Tonkotsu Ramen that I had before, the price you pay at RM9.90 is really a steal by itself.

The next ramen, we had was the MISO broth, Miso sauce is added to the TONKOTSU soup base to gives a tangy and robust taste of the Miso. This is really for those who loves Miso and Ramen.

For this, after adding in the MISO, the soup based is not as strong as the classic TONKOTSU, it was somewhat milder in taste and texture.

The next soup broth was the GYUKOTSU RAMEN, this is a new beef stock soup base introduce at EDO RAMEN, which I believe is used to test the acceptance level of beef broth in RAMEN.

For me, I would have preferred a much stronger beef flavours for my Ramen.

EDO RAMEN is running a promotion for this GYUKOTSU RAMEN.

For those who wants to add-on side dishes, among others the EDO RAMEN signature ABURI JAPANESE CHAR SIEW is a must add on. The individually slice Char Siew are grilled to a nice maillard, is slippery on the chop stick and melt in your mouth.

A must add on, if you are like me, really enjoy tasty meat with my Ramen.

EDO RAMEN also offers 2 types of Gyoza, the first one is BOILED GYOZA – which have an added spicy oil layering at the bottom of the Gyoza.

The next Gyoza is the PAN FRIED GYOZA.

With the cost going up, you can still be able to savour tasty and affordable homemade Ramen from EDO RAMEN.