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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

KODAWARI MENYA – BEST UDON IN KAGAWA, JAPAN – Grand Opening in Malaysia @1MK Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur


One of the best Udon from the Kagawa Region –Kodawari Menya is here in Malaysia. Located at Mont Kiara opens its door to serve one of the most authentic UDON from Japan.

The grand opening was attended by a number of local celebrities which includes Datin Sofia Jane, Daphne Iking, Raja Atilia, Julie Woon, Vanidah Imran and Choo Mei Sze and others.

Kodawari Menya is the one of the leading UDON restaurant in Japan that offers full self service much like the one we frequent to the American Fast Food, where customers made their purchases over the counter.

There is a process which is clearly depicted at the entrance.

The most important factor is of course in the process and ingredient in making of the UDON itself and secondly it is the ingredients used to bring out the most flavourful broth that compliments perfectly to the UDON.

So, what makes a good UDON we asked during the launching of this first outlet in Malaysia. Kodawari Menya UDON. The key ingredients for making UDON, is simple it consists of superior wheat flour, water and salt. The skills lies in with how it is left to cure, cut and kneaded to a round fisted round chunks that has a soft and flexible texture. 

The next challenge would be the broth. For Kodawari Menya, the head chef took 383 techniques to create their signature broth using rare sugar which is both healthy and delicious.

The thinly cut scallions, tempura fritters and blended radish were a perfect add-on garnishing to the hot delicious Kake flavoured broth UDON.

 The firm quality of the UDON and delicious broth was superb, i.e. you can just eat the UDON by itself without any other add-on, it was that good.

As with any UDON meals, fresh from the frying pot Tempura pieces which you can order from the counter, is best to be complimented with.

We had the pumpkin, sweet potato and chicken (very meaty) tempura. You have the option to dip the tempura into the hot dipping tempura sauce.

There are 9 types of udon which are served at Kodawari Menya, for that, we will be coming back for a FULL review later. Watch this column.