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Friday, 17 October 2014

KONTIKI Restaurant FEDERAL HOTEL Bukit Bintang Official Opening and International BBQ Buffet Review

Many of us, probably remembered KONTIKI Pool Side Restaurant in FEDERAL HOTEL which is, strategically located at 35, Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur in the middle of bustling Bukit Bintang. 

Recently, KONTIKI Pool Side RESTAURANT has a modern contemporary design offering an extensive and specially selected buffet spread with open kitchen concept where you can literally watch the team of chefs preparing your lip-smacking meals right before your eyes.

It has the charms of New Zealand by putting up 2 giant Tiki at the entrance to greet guests to the restaurant with more indoor décor to enhance this theme.

The stylish setting offers a relaxing and refreshing view of the outdoor pool with a lush tropical garden setting. Guest can either dine outdoor beside the pool terrace or indoor.

The interior décor offers a minimalist design which gives plenty of space for guest to move freely without bumping in one another during your frequent trip to the buffet spread.

One of the key interesting furniture is the rattan “love seats” which set the tones for couples to dine in a carefree romantic setting environment. 

One of Its kind - The cylindrical BBQ station 

churning out perfectly grilled succulent meat and seafood.

Under the meat section there are limitless of marinated lamb shoulder, wagyu beef steak, chicken wings and satay to satiate the meat lovers.

While the seafood section for BBQ offers an abundance of Fresh Prawns, Squid, Clams and etc which is a haven by itself for seafood lovers.

Under the BBQ section, there is also pre-roasted/grill meat which includes the Roast Prime Beef, Roasted Lamb Racks With Herbs, Baked Whole Fish Salmon, Roast Chicken With Herbs and etc.

Next, is the Cold meat section which offers a variety of smoked salmon, smoked duck, chicken meat and prawns.

While the Seafood on Ice is a paradise for seafood lovers like me, which includes multi-layers of fresh poached flower crabs.

Mini Lobsters



and a mountain of poached prawns is really awesome, all eaten with Thousand Island dressing or a tinge of Tabasco sauce with freshly squeeze lemon juice or just as it is.

Then, in the Japanese Food section which has a sizeable selection of sushi, fresh salmon and tuna sashimi for Japanese Food diners.

This is followed by the Chinese Food section, which serves the delicious General Tso Chicken. 

Fresh from a specially made brick oven, is the BBQ PeiPa Duck, Peking Duck which are grilled to perfect crispy skin and juicy tender duck meat by its Chinese Chef. from the Special Roast Duck Brick Oven.

For the local dish, the KONTIKI Pool Side Restaurant Federal Hotel Bukit Bintang also serves the Tunku’s Abdul Rahman (Malaysia First Prime Minister) favourite dish.

which is Udang Rebus Pucuk Asam.

As there were just too many dishes that are served in this buffet, we did not manage to try out all the other Continental and Asian buffet spreads which includes the likes of Piperade, Potatoes Cheese, Emice of Beef With Wild Trumpettes, Jingha Masala, Palak Paneer, Dal Malani – Black Lentil With Cream, Beef Rendang, Ikan Masak Asam Pedas and more.

For desserts, there were also too many choices to choose from i.e. cakes, puddings, jelly and etc which unfortunately we did not have the stomach to fill it up anymore.

Overall the KONTIKI Pool Side Restaurant Federal Hotel Bukit Bintang new setting offers a pleasurable and cozy dining environment.

So, if you are geared for an evening of abundant of food galore, you can make a trip to enjoy this specially cook dishes. But, make sure you have an empty stomach to fill up all this food.