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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Doiffee Café @Taman Desa, Old Klang Road – Delicious Gourmet Coffee and Thai Inspired Food Review

Doiffee Café @Taman Desa located at 10A, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur is a distinctive new café that is serving up gourmet coffee and Thai inspired food serving in the neighbourhood of Taman Desa, which does not have many such cafe in this area and Old Klang Road.

The café is decorated as a homely décor that exudes a charming setting. All the tables and chairs are different unlike other restaurants, which have standard furniture throughout the café, as it allows the customer the option of having to seat comfortably like at home.

So, what does Doiffee means? Doi in Thai means mountain - Doiffee Café literally means Mountain Coffee Café as coffee is usually grown on mountains quoted by the owner. 

At Doiffee Café @Taman Desa, the coffee serves here are of a few roast type, with bean supplies coming from France i.e.Malongo – specially for the espresso, Singapore Highlander and the Caribbean Cuban.

For a start, we had the POPCORN COFFEE. Although the coffee was of a mild and light taste, the popcorn flavoured infused taste and aroma of the popcorn was strong and flavourful. Fans of popcorn would love this drink.

Next, we had the Iced Latte, it was a light shot of coffee with smooth blended snow ice. At Doiffee Café @Taman Desa, they have a special ice shaving machine that can churn out smooth and fine snow ice.

After that, we had the Hot Chocolate which was from France. It has a distinctive and strong chocolaty taste and aroma. It is a comforting hot drink to warm oneself especially cold weather night, more so for us that night as it was raining cats and dogs while we were leisurely enjoying our cuppa of hot chocolate. 

For me, this was followed by the star of the night, which is the AFFOGATO. The affogato was of the French roast which has a double shot of espresso, it was very strong and you can taste the kick of it while it was a nice pairing with the smooth gelato from KAPITI. The sweetness of the vanilla gelato from New Zealand was blended well with every scoop of the espresso mix with it. 

We start off our dinner with a special Thai Salad i.e. PAPAYA SALAD, it tasted like vinaigrette papaya with a strong dash of chilli padi. The papaya was still has the crunch which is nice and was a good starter to whet your appetite.

This was followed by the MANGO SALAD, the mango was of the Japanese Lilly Mango and tasted very refreshing minus out the sourishness in other mango type. Coupled with the onion and chilli padi in the dressing, it was a tad more spicy for most people. We like the roasted peanuts toppings as the crunch add an interesting dimension to the salad.

When the SUMMER SALAD was brought to the table, our eyes were feasted as the salad was very well decorated with brimming fresh garden lettuce at the bottom, and was topped with alfalfa, pomegranates, cherries tomatoes, capsicum, and carrots. 

There are 2 home made dressing for this salad i.e. Refreshing Dressing which we had and Oriental Dressing which is unique and might need to get use to it to enjoy this salad.

Our first main dish of the night is DRUNKEN SEAFOOD SPAGHETTI; it is one of the specialties serves here. The generous topping of scallop, prawns and squids makes this dish super yummy for seafood lovers like me as each spoonful of spaghetti is accompanied with one of the fresh and chewy seafood pieces. 

The sauce is infused with some red wine, peppercorn with a strong aroma of the basil and fragrant that makes eating this dish very tantalizing.

The next dish is the KERABU MINCED CHICKEN SPAGHETTI – as we were used to eating pasta with a lot of sauces, this dish was a little surprise, i.e. a little dry. It looks quite plain as it is, it tasted very much like a dry noodles that we had but the taste of the minced chicken meat was cooked with mint, basil and with some spices, which made it interesting.

For dessert, we had the MANGO STICKY RICE which is a very popular Thai style dessert. The glutinous rice was very flavourful eaten as it is. Most shop that I had this dessert, the glutinous rice is usually quite bland and starchy. Although the santan that came with the dessert was a bit too little, it was very flavourful nevertheless and was ideal for the mix of the rice, santan and the sweet ripen mango.

Lastly, we had the very picturesque KOI FISH JELLY, this KOI FISH Jelly based is the perfect mixture of coffee taste into the jelly, while the darker colored was with extra doses of coffee, which was very fragrant when eaten. 

Doiffee Café@Taman Desa, also serves the emerald pandan egg santan jelly which has a strong pandan flavoured taste.

The night ended with another cuppa we had, it was the CAPUCHINO, a bit light for me though but a splendid end to a night out with my fellow bloggers on the Café Hopping Malaysia project.

At Doiffee Café@Taman Desa, you can choose to relax in the ambience of home like, while sipping your favourite drinks in this part of town with your family and friends. The food serves at Doiffee Café@Taman Desa is quite interesting as it is presented to diners. Like the saying goes, we eat with our eyes first.