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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Yoshinoya Hanamaru Malaysia - Mid Valley Grand Opening - A Japanese Food Court Concept Review By Best Restaurant

Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a special pre launch opening of Yoshinoya Hanamaru Malaysia; a Japanese Food Court concept at Mid Valley located on Lot-T-15B, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

The Yoshinoya Hanamaru offers an all Japanese Food Court dining experience where one can enjoys all the Japanese Food like Udon, Tempura, Don, Nabe; all at an affordable price in a comfortable and fuss free dining environment.

Yoshinoya is one of the oldest and largest restaurant chains of beef bowl with over 1800 outlets around the world. Its root can be traced back from 1899 from a small shop selling Gyudon in Nihonbashi Fish Market. Prepared with a secret recipe broth seasoned with savoury herbs and spices together with large sweet onions, served on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice.

While the Hanamaru brand serves the Sanuki Udon with a wide variety of side dishes which are listed as below.

The Udon are made fresh daily at the restaurant; and all Udon at Hanamaru are kept no longer than 30 minutes to ensure the customers are served the tastiest Udon. The use of the first grade quality flour ensures that all UDON served has the consistent firm and bouncy texture.

The dried kelp and sardines (from Japan) broth was very flavourful and prepared to offer a special signature Hanamaru taste. Yours truly top pick was the Beef Udon as above.

and Ontama Bukake Udon with a special Mori-no-tamago.

followed by the Spicy Miso Udon.

while the Cold Salad Udon; which has a tinge of sesame dressing was especially refreshing as it was serve as a cold udon and garnished with a generous amount of leafy green.

Among the tempura dishes that are served at Hanamaru is Ebi tempura, Kakiage Egg, Vegetable (sweet potato, pumpkin) tempura and etc which was all dipped in a delicious tempura batter and deep fried to a golden crisp.

Other notable side dishes served at Hanamaru are the Kaarage, 

Inari Sushi and Ongiri 

Aji Dango Stick, Yasai Age, Boiled Egg and etc.

The Azuki Cafe serves up special Soda based drinks and smoothies to complement your food.

If you are in Mid Valley Megamall looking for some inexpensive Japanese food, you can head over to the Yoshinoya Hanamaru to savours these special Japanese offering.