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Monday, 2 March 2015

Buns and Meat Restaurant Lakeside Sungei Besi – Gourmet Burger & Hot Dog Restaurant Review

This review is strictly for Pork Fan and Lovers. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review this Porklicious restaurant i.e. Buns and Meat Restaurant located at Ground Floor 72A, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lakefields, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Buns and Meat is a Non-Halal restaurant that serves gourmet pork burgers, hot dogs, pizza and pasta with pork as the centrepiece ingredient. 

Catering to the non-muslim customers, it also serves alcoholic drinks like beer, wine and hard liquor. 

The décor is one of a simple and casual open concept where customers can enjoy the pipe-in music; serenading in the background as you feast on the sumptuous pork meal. There is a small stage that can host singing performances or live music band.

We started the food review with the gourmet pork burger series. The bun of the burger with the special recipe which has a very strong buttery aroma, soft, fluffy and smooth texture (i.e. you can even eat it on its own) are tailored baked for Buns and Meat.

The thick pork patties with bacon and sauce are each made in-house by its own chef creation that gives a meaty and flavourful taste to each bite of the burger. Each burger set comes with a serving of French fries and mini serving of macaroni pasta.

The first of the burger that we had was the Char Siew Burger – It comes with a layer of succulent pork patty, cheesy melted cheese and topped with a generous serving of BBQ Char Siew. For those that love; Char Siew, this burger will be a good selection for you.

The next burger is the Runny Mess Burger – it is a pork patty topped with a piece of grilled pork bacon, melted cheese, with poached eggs and complimented with a cheesy sauce. 

This is much like the Egg Benedict on a burger bun. The cheesy taste was perfectly matched with the pork patties, slightly salty pork bacon and silky runny eggs.

Next, was the Black Pepper Pork Burger.

And the last burger was the Spicy Korean Ribs Burger. The pork rib are first cooked to a soft texture and then deboned – ready to be served. The sauce has a slight spicy, sweet and smoky taste. 

After the burger, this was followed by the gourmet German Hot Dog. According to owner Mr Robin, the skin of the sausage; are from the lamb, which has a firmer texture that gives a solid delight when biting into it. The sausage meat has a bouncy and springy texture; hallmark of a good quality German sausage.

The first hot dog was the Hot Dog with Jalapenos BBQ Slaw – it is a pork sausage served with topping of coleslaw, mustard sauce, finely chopped jalapeno and a sprinkle of fresh cut scallion and served with fries and Ham Salad.

Next, was the Mac and Cheese Hot Dog – the pork sausage is drenched with macaroni cheese and fried crispy chicken bits.

Followed by Hot Dog With Nacho Cheese Sauce – a pork sausage topped with cheesy and tomato based sauce, with pieces of nachos crunch.

And the Hot Dog With Bacon and Baked Beans.

and the final hotdog; which is the Hot Dog With Sauteed Mushroom and Black Pepper Sauce. 

The use of the Shimeji Mushroom added a new dimension to this Hot Dog. I find it pretty interesting combination; but nevertheless after tasting all the other Hot Dog earlier, I would say, this has to be my number one in terms of taste.

Other than burger and hot dogs, the pork ribs are one of the favourite offering at Buns and Meat Lake Side Sg Besi. There are 2 version of grilled pork ribs that are being offered. The first of which is the Spicy Korean Pork Ribs which was grilled enough to be flavourful without tasting the carbon. The meat was soft and tender and gel well with the slight spicy Korean sauce.

The other grilled pork ribs is the BBQ sauce enhanced ribs; which its BBQ sauce has a slightly sweeter and smoky taste. 

For pasta, we tried the Alio-Oglio with Pork Bacon. This is for those that love an added spiciness to the pasta. The rich flavor of the pork bacon, mushroom and dried chili combined with spaghetti or penne was tasty. 

I would have preferred the Spaghetti instead of the Penne Rigate that was used for the pasta, as spaghetti tends to gel easier with the sauce.

I love French Fries eaten with tomato and chilli sauce, but at Buns and Meat, we got to try out a special twist which is the Pulled Pork Fries which has the pork ribs meat shredded with the Korean Spicy Sauce. Finger licking good. Would have preferred the sauce served in a separate dish so that we can control on how much dip we would like for each fries.

At Buns and Meat, they also serves an array of artisan handmade cake for desserts.

So, there you have it, a nice little outlet Buns and Meat at Lakeside, Sungei Besi that serves tasty gourmet burgers and hot dog.

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