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Monday, 9 March 2015

Porto Bello Damansara Uptown New Menu and Big Breakfast Review

Best Restaurant To Eat was invited for a new menu offering from Porto Bello Restaurant located at 
No. 8, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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To start off, we had the Tuna Tartar as our appetizer. It is a fantastic Italian Japanese fusion that marries the fresh raw tuna (french style), avocado and tsukini pieces mix with tosa soy and served wasabi, aioli,masago (flying fish roe) ginger pickle, and togarashi crips add a dimension to tingle your tastebud. You get an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

The new menu offering are the Big Breakfast Set, the first of which is the Big Breakfast Set. You can choose either the beef or Vienna chicken sausage which has a very firm texture which gives a meaty feel. You can also choose either the turkey ham or streaky beef, followed by a hash brown, a one half roasted tomatoes, sauteed wild mushrooms (brown shimeji, white shimeji, shitake mushroom, oyster and king oyster mushroom) with garlic and butter, 2 pieces of toasted wholemeal bread, baked beans with a coating of melted cheese topping and fresh green salad.

Followed by the Porto Bello Sunrise which has the Porto Bello Mushroom as the base, served with chicken ham with Bechamel Sauce (wonderfully done with a strong creamy taste), with a choice of either turkey ham or streaky beef, a sunny side up which the yolk blended with the sauce and mushroom was just the right and perfect combination. Comes with fresh garden salad and baked beans with melted mozzarella cheese topping.

and the Volcano Surprise which came with Chicken Bolognese on top of the Porto Bello Mushroom, a choice of turkey ham or streaky beef. With the addition of a sunny side up and hash brown and fresh garden salad to finish it up.

Just look at the thick Porto Bello mushroom sitting at the base; makes you salivating for this super breakfast meal.

For the main, the introduction of Lamb dishes is a welcome change, as yours truly loves lamb especially the Lamb Shanks. It was cooked with a very strong herbs and lamb essence flavour.

Followed by the Lamb rack which was superbly grilled to perfection while retaining its juicy succulent and tender meat served on a bed of mashed potatoes and sauteed mushroom. It comes with a light minty cream yoghurt sauce which blend well with the grill meat.

We also did tried one of the beef dishes which was the Braised Beef Bourgouignone - a French braised hearty stew cooked with radish, carrot and potatoes. The sauce was a perfect match with the soft toasted wholemeal bread.

Fried Buffalo Wings - a super crispy fried drummet with a strong tinge of spiciness from the

One of the new drinks offering was the Cucumber Mojito which was super refreshing and as I was having a minor sore throat, this drink which was infused with freshly mint leaves, was just the perfect concoction to sooth my dry throat.

If mushroom is your cup of tea, Porto Bello Restaurant at Damansara Uptown will be a good choice for you; more so with the new menu offering