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Saturday, 4 July 2015

BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar - Plaza Kelana Jaya - Dining ByThe Lake - Best Restaurant Review

There are not many restaurant that offers a nice dining view; what's more the view of a soothing lake while enjoying your lovely dinner with your loved one. With that, Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to a review at BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar located at C-06, Plaza Kelana Jaya, Jalan SS7/13A, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The restaurant is nestled between the side of the lakes, so you can actually dine just right beside the lake with no obstructing view of the lake and its surrounding.

The setup is one that can provide you with a relaxing, romantic and soothing evening settings with nice food to savour in while you enjoy the company of your loved one.

Our review started with the Giant Head Prawn Salad (RM43). The prawns are poached and the meat are extracted out from the shell. The freshness of the prawn meat was bouncy and succulent and perfectly mixed with the watermelon, green & red apples, mandarin and raisin. Served cold, it was the perfect start to the warm evening.

This was then followed by the Amori Di Mare Soup (RM20) i.e the Love of the sea which has the mussels, lala, squid and prawns as the main ingredients was a good choice for the soup. You can taste all the seafood flavours in a slightly spicy soup base. The toasted garlic bread was a good complement to this soup.

The next dish is the Tortellini Beef  (RM21) which is a beef dumpling with a tomato based sauce served with fresh garden salad.

Our next segment is the Wood Fired Pizza; the first of which is Meat Lovers Pizza (RM35). The Pizza dough was wafer thin and crisp, with a generous portions of bacon, salami and sausages; topped with cheesy cheese.

the second pizza is the Hawaiian Pizza with has sprinkles of marinated cut chicken meat, mushroom and pineapples.

The was then followed by the super fresh water prawn dish which is named as Gangnam Prawn (RM20 per 100g). This fresh water king size prawn was caramelized and deep fried to the right crisp and crunch while retaining the juicy and bouncy prawn meat. This Gangnam is not really a Korean name but a place in China i.e."Kong Lum".

and followed by the BGT Petite Di Pollok (RM25) which is a wrapped chicken breast meat that has a cream based sauce with vegetables served with pan fried potatoes wedges and vegetables.

The meat of the evening was the tender and succulent Grilled Lamb Shoulder (RM41) that comes with mint sauce for us to savour it with.

BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar made their very own pasta, the first one that we tasted which is part of the Rainbow Pasta series is the Spinach Fettuccine with Bolognese. They also offer an All you can eat Pasta for lunch at RM18.80; Do check it out if you are a fan of pasta.

followed by the Black Sesame Fettuccine 

and the Tomatoes Fettuccine with Carbonara sauce.

After the fettucine we move on to taste the garlic filled Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Oglio (RM29). The seafood used for this pasta was the prawns, mussels, clams and the bouncy white squid.

and the in-house specialty Kong Po Lou Shi Fun (RM21) i.e. 'Mouse Noodles". 

Lastly was the Paella Italians (RM29) - A Rice dish topped with Prawns, Mussels, Clams and Squids.

We had 2 dessert for the night; the first of which is the Fruity Crepe Lava (RM21)

and followed by our much anticipated BGT Wood Fired Durian Pizza (RM25). The picture above show that the pizza that is on its' way into the wood fire oven drizzle with mozzarella cheese.

and the final product which has a combination of the strong aroma of the durian and the melted cheese. It was so good, we needed a 2nd and 3rd helping for this delicious dessert.

BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar also offers a wide varieties of hard liquor and beer for those that enjoy a drink or two after meal.

If you plan for a nice evening with your loved ones and families, BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar at Kelana Park, Kelana Jaya do offer a tempting treat with a nice ambience to soothe a hard day at work.

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