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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Raku Pizza Cafe @ Subang Jaya - Build Your Own Japanese Pizza Review

The sheer mention about Pizza, Italians are the ones that will stand out. After numerous review of cafes which offers Italian Pizzas; +BestRestaurant ToEat  was invited to a review a Japanese Pizza for a change at Raku Pizza Cafe located at 80 Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The setup is one of a brightly lit and simple decor that offers diners a quick meal of pizza made with the special in-house concocted Japanese style sauce.

Raku Pizza @Subang Jaya main difference is that it offers a special Build Your Own Japanese Pizza; First you choose your type crust that you like; Here; they offers 3 type (Plain, Herbs and Charcoal) of it. Then you choose the sauce that you like (Wasabi, Miso, Katsu and Teriyaki). Finally, the toppings of your choice which includes the Soft Shell Crab, Beef Pepperoni, Mentai, Soft Boiled Potatoes, Sausages and with more than 20 others type of add on; you will be spoilt of choices.

For those less adventurous and hassle, you can opt for the ala carte Japanese style Pizza and their Specialty Pizza. The first one that we tasted was the Tokyo Delight; which has boiled thinly cut potatoes, Sweet Corns, Mentai Mayo, Shredded Seaweed on a bed of Japanese Curry sauce.

The taste was very light and perfect appetizer to our review.

followed by the Sakurajima Lava - which has Teriyaki sauce on a plain crust, Cheese, Grill Chicken, Sweet Onions, Onsen Tamago and Shredded Seaweed.

We were surprised by the taste of this combination with the teriyaki sauce as it was well paired with the right flavour. The crust was a plain thin type and was very crisp.

Next is the savoury pizza which was the EDO Samurai - This pizza has the Karaage chicken as the base meat together with Sweet Onions, Okonomi sauce, Japanese Mayo, Bonito Flakes and Shredded Seaweed on a Miso Sauce base.

After that, we had our very own; Build Your Own Pizza which we choose the Charcoal crust with Wasabi Sauce and the toppings was Soft Shell Crab, with mushroom (Oyster), Bonito flakes and seaweed.

We find the Charcoal crust a little too thick and the owner is looking to get a thinner crust for the charcoal type.

For rice lovers; Raku Pizza Cafe also serves more than 10 ala carte Don meal; we tasted 2 of the Don meals which the first is the Tama-Toji Chicken Katsu Don; consist of Crispy Fried Chicken Fillet with a layer of cooked egg and served with a specialty sauce.

followed by the Teriyaki Chicken Rice - The teriyaki sauce was just nicely paired with the grill chicken thigh with teriyaki sauce which is then topped with sesame seed.

For UDON fan, you can also opt from their offering of 10 Udon meals which the one we had was the Wafu Yuzu Wakame Udon. It is served with a traditional dashi broth with sourish citrus sauce topped with fresh seaweed.

To end our dinner, we had the Pika-Pika Dessert Pizza which is a sweet savoury dessert pizza which has cut pineapples with sweet corns. This is the first time we are having a pizza with sweet corns; apparently Japanese like their pizzas with sweet corns.

For Pizza lovers, now you really have another choice for your Pizza treat, try out Raku Pizza Cafe and have your tastebud journey into a new dimension.

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