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Monday, 30 November 2015

Brunch & Munch Restaurant @Desa Pandan, G-Village Kuala Lumpur - An Affair with Eggs and Pork Review


Many people that I knows just loves to eat eggs cooked in any form and style. Now to satisfy your craving for everything eggs, you can head over to Brunch & Munch located at Lot G-05, G Village, Jalan 1/76, off Jalan Desa Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At Brunch & Munch, most if not all the menus items have one or two of their main ingredient which is Eggs and/or Pork. So, if you are fan of one of these two ingredients, you will be spoilt for choice at this restaurant whether be it for a full meal or just to munch.

The decor at the restaurant is one that exudes a warm feeling with a centrepiece display of a large crack giant egg. It exudes the theme of casual dining with soothing pipe in music of the sixties and seventies to calm your stress away during your meal.

Our food review started with an order of salad, which is the EggCellent Salad (RM18.00). Consisting of egg white, with quail eggs, carrots, onion rings, radicchio, rocket and bacon chips and topped with Honey-Citrus with Lemon dressing; it is a nice start for the review.

Next on is the Pork Corn Belly (RM18.00). The Roasted Pork Belly are lightly braised with dark soy sauce together with dried chillies exuding out a sweet and slight spicy taste to this pork belly. I prefer the white rice that came along with this dish as it was a nice match eaten with it; although customers can choose to have it with hash brown too.

This is then followed by a pasta dish which is Brunch & Munch Carbonara (RM26.00). This pasta is cooked in a carbonara style tagliatelle with pork belly, bacon, aged cheese and mushroom. After that it comes with a topped sous-vide eggs which will be mixed with the pasta giving you an extra creamy and cheesy texture.

The next pork dish is the Not So Boar Ribs (RM30.00). This ribs is double cooked, the first is using a slow cooked process with an in house special marinade to cook the ribs. Before serving; it is then sent to the griller to give it a smoky flavour. This dish is served with side dishes of sauteed cabbage with bacon and hash brown.

 At Brunch & Munch, they also served burgers too; the one that we tasted is the Cheese Boar Ger (RM35.00). Although the price is a little costly but the thick and succulent housemade pork patty made up for the price. We love the texture and taste of this patty as the patties are made from BBQ pork with lap cheong (chinese sausage). The burger is served with bacon, sunny side up, aged cheddar, pineapple relish, tomato, gherkin, lettuce and coleslaw.

The last dish that we tasted is the Scottish Eggs (RM18.00). A soft boiled eggs is wrapped in with the special minced spiced pork (much like the Yong Tau Foo) and sent to the deep fryer. It has a crisp on the outside layer and drizzled with a sweet hot sauce and served with pickle cucumber.

For those that loves to hang out; you can savour some of these eggs and pork dishes while having a drink or two and munching some of these dishes after work to avoid the massive traffic crawl.