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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tao Authentic Asian Restaurant @Dataran Sunway, Sunway Giza Kota Damansara Selangor - Eat All You Can Japanese Buffet.

There are mainly 2 type of buffet in the market; one that have a spread out of all the dishes at the buffet counters whereas the other one is the ala-carte. Being a buffet junkie, where you want to taste everything, I personally prefer the ala carte buffet where you can order dish by dish. This way it is more relax and you really can taste out the dishes individually at your own pace.

With that +BestRestaurant ToEat was invited to taste the Japanese Buffet at Tao Authentic Asian Restaurant located at 2nd floor, No.2, Sunway Giza Mall, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya.

We like the atmosphere and the dining environment at Tao Authentic Asian Restaurant as it exudes a luxury feel while not burning a big hole in your pocket with their affordable pricing of the ala carte eat all you can buffet. Moreover there is a 4 hours time (lunch and dinner on week day) to enjoy this freshly prepared cuisine.

At Tao Authentic Asian Restaurant, not all the dishes are Japanese, there are a few bouts of Asian and Chinese dishes that are served although just a handful.

The young Chef Hew, recommended us to try some of the dishes from each section so that we can taste all the different cooking style and flavours. We started off with the MAKI section; which the first dish is the Crazy Roll - a combination of prawn tempura and salmon wrapped with sushi rice and topped with bonito flakes.

followed by the Green Dragon Roll - this roll is made up of deep fried prawn, cucumber, kani, avocado and mango. It has a very refreshing sweet mayo taste.

Next, we move to the NIGIRI /SASHIMI section where we were first served the Hokkigai which is an Arctic Surf Clam Sushi.

followed by the Unagi (Eel) Sushi

and the last sushi is the Ebi(Prawn) Sushi

We were then served the Moriawase Sashimi (Assorted Raw Fish). One of the most important test is to ensure that the fish was of good quality. For our meal, the combination raw fish was fresh and the texture was good.

Moving on to the next section is the ZENSAI, we tried the Awabi Ebiko (Abalone With Ebiko Sauce) we love the taste of this chilled abalone surimi.

and the GYOZA (Pan Fried Minced Chicken Dumpling). This dish came with a special sauce to accompany the gyoza.

The next section is the AGEMONO; we were served the Tempura Moriawase which is a platter of prawn tempura with a combination of vegetable like; brinjal, ladies fingers, sweet potatoes and so forth.

We also sample the KOROKKE which is the Japanese Croquette. The filling is made from sweet potatoes. We like the texture and the crisp feel when we take the first bite.

Under the TEPPANYAKI Section, we were served the Hot Plate Beef Bacon With Cream Cheese and Spring Onion. The texture of the beef bacon was just nice and with the cream cheese it gives a special flavour and served on a sizzling plates it exudes a nice aroma and flavour.

From here we moved to the next section which is the YAKIMONO; the first dish on the table was the IKA TERIYAKI which is Grilled Squid With Teriyaki Sauce. Although my preference for this dish is using Shio(salt) but the teriyaki sauce that was used was quite nice and blended well with the firm and bouncy white squid meat. Love this dish anytime.

This is then followed by the MOTOYAKI SCALLOP which is Baked Scallop With Spicy Mayo. With the spicy mayo there is a different twist of flavours for the scallop which I usually eat sashimi style.

Next on, is the KAKI HIROYAKI which is Baked Oyster With Cheese Mayo. The cream cheese blended well with the Baked Oyster. For those that loves a cheesy option with oyster, you would probably enjoyed it more than me.

And the final dish under this section is the AYU - Smelt Fish - This is a very small fish which is spread with salt and baked. To eat this ,we have to de-skin the fish and there is very little meat in it, but the excellent sweet taste of the fish was very worth the effort to dissect it.

Moving on the next section is the ITAMEMONO - we had the SAKE HAMAGURI - which is Stir Fried Clams With Japanese Rice Wine. According to chef, this is a very easy dish to prepare. You stir fried with garlic and butter and when it is almost cooked, you put in the SAKE to add the wine aroma and taste to this soupy dish. We finish all the soup till the last drop.

Our last section, is the KUSHIYAKI; we had the TEBASAKI - Chicken Wing yakitori. It is using salt to spread and sent to the griller. We like it as it is not too salty. Just nice with the crisp skin and succulent meat. Compared to the others Chicken wing yakitori that we had at other restaurant which usually only served 2 pieces of winglet on one skewers (authentic version), Here at Tao, it it the deboned drumet and winglet.

Next is the IDAKO - Baby Octopus.The marinated baby octopus are grilled to a nice charred while its juicy and bouncy texture of the octopus make it a delight to be eaten. If only we had more stomach, I will re-order this dish again.

Our final dish is the EBI which is grilled prawn. Grilled to a nice charred taste with the sweet and salty meat texture that was used to sprinkle on the prawn while grilling.

For this Christmas, Tao Chef have prepared a dish that will be served only on Christmas day which is Crispy Fried Chicken With 5 Flavour sauce. You only get to sample this dish on that day.

There are a few more section in the menu that we don't even have anymore stomach space to put into any more. Even each section that we tried, it was only one or 2 dishes only and mind you there are also some delicacies on the buffet counter, appetizers and desserts that we literally cannot even eat at all. For the price that you pay for this all you can eat ala carte buffet; you really get the best value possible.

RM59.16 nett (Monday to Friday 12.00 to 4.00 pm)
RM71.92 Nett
(Monday to Thursday Dinner 5.30 to 10.30)
(Friday Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday 5.30 to 8.30pm , 8.30 -11.00)

For the month of December 2015 up to January 2016, Tao Authentic Asian Restaurant is offering a special group of for 20 pax (10% off), 30 pax (15% off) and 50 pax and above (20% off).