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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Noble House Restaurant 2017 Chinese New Year Delightful Set Menu

The Malaysian 2017 Chinese New Year menu is fairly predictable, but every once in a blue moon, someone will spring a surprise. And as surprises go to; the Chef at Noble House Restaurant which has crafted out some Specialties Chinese New Year Dishes and Chinese New Year Set Menu dishes especially for you to feast on.

NOBLE HOUSE Restaurant Address
No.19 Jalan Delima
Off Jalan Tun Razak
55100 Kuala Lumpur

To start off our review, we had the Tuna and Crispy Fish Skin Yee Sang in comparison with most others that offer Salmon Yee Sang. The Crispy fish skin adds an extra level of texture to the Yee Sang.

Among some of the surprise dishes that we have tasted are from the Noble House 2017 Chinese New Year Specialties Dishes Menu; the first of which is Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop With Black Truffle (RM33.00 per pax). We love the strong fragrant of the truffle oil that was used which went well with the firm succulent texture of the Hokkaido Scallop which was presented like a Western dish.

Next, we tasted the Roast Baby Duck With Sweet Corn (RM50.00 each). It was quite unique; we never tasted a baby duck; more so as a roast dish. The flesh was tender with a wafer thin crispy skin that was roasted to perfection. Needless to say, not a single piece of duck was left on the plate. On the other hand, we were a bit surprised by the presence of the sweet corn; as at first we didn;t think it was a good combination but it soon turns out that the naturally sweet firm flavour of the corn; blended perfectly with the savoury taste of the roast duck juices.

This is then followed by the Pan Fried Lamb Cubes With Black Garlic Sauce on Hobba Leaf (RM30.00 per pax). This is the second time during this Chinese New Year review that the Chef uses the Black Garlic as one of the condiments. The garlicky taste does help to smoothen the entire dish as there is no gamey taste at all. The use of the right lamb meat was critical too which explains the tender meat which was cooked rightly to ensure that the juice is still retained in the meat.

For those that are a little adventurous and loves oxtails; might want to try the Braised Oxtail With Dried Oyster and Fatt Choy In Clay Pot (RM118.00 per pax). We would say it is rather a unique combination of ingredients that will leave you with either a hate love affair with this dish.

The next dish is the Star of the night; which is the Steamed Ocean Garoupa With Fresh Abalone, Glass Noodle and Dried Shrimp Taishan Style (RM488.00 per portion for 8 pax). We love this dish for 2 reasons. Firstly, the quality of the fish which was very fresh (perfect for steaming) as the meat has the right firm and tender texture that was perfectly matched with the sauce which has the rich flavour embedded into it.

Secondly, the presence of the Abalone which was also topped with a special garlic, ginger, spring onion concocted topping was all blended together into the bedded glass noodle. To topped is up was the additional use of the bouncy fish ball.

To add some crunch to the vegetables; this Stir Fried Celery & Baby Black Fungus With Wax Meat & Fresh Huai Shan (RM38.00 per portion) meet the right note. We like the crunchiness of the Huai Shan that adds a new taste that complemented well to this vegetable dish.

The last main that we tasted is the Fried Glutinous Rice With Whole Abalone in Pumpkin. Once again, this is a real nice combination that pleases one eye. The abalone which was braised is set on top of the fried glutinous rice which was filled up in an imported Golden pumpkin.

Noble House Restaurant offers 2 selection of Nin Gao; the first of which is the Golden Nin Kuo

While the second one is the Deep Fried Nin Kuo

To end our review, we had the Double Boil Orange With Birds Nest Jelly which was served cold. A truly refreshing end to this Specialties Chinese New Year menu.

2017 Chinese New Year Set Menu

Herewith is the other specialities dishes available in the Chinese New Year Dishes Menu

Chinese New Year Set Menu
Chinese New Year Set Menu
Chinese New Year Set Menu
Chinese New Year Set Menu

For those that are looking for Chinese New Year Set Menu, Noble House Restaurant offers 3 special menus as listed above.

For more information and reservation, please call 03- 2145 8822 or you can visit their website: Noble House Restaurant

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