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Friday, 13 January 2017

Old Klang Road Steamboat Authentic Buffet At Chun Ciou Hot Pot

There is a new hype in the Old Klang Road food scene. The first Authentic Taiwanese Imperial "served-to-table" hotpot buffet from Chun Ciou Hot Pot Malaysia is here.

Picture Courtesy of Chun Ciou Facebook

Chun Ciou Hot Pot Address
Lot 306, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Touted as one of the key steamboat players in Taiwan, Chun Ciou Hot Pot features their steamboat ingredients which are 80% fully imported from Taiwan and uses 100% Taiwanese recipe as we were told.

The setting is one of a grand dining experience which reminiscent a classic Chinese theme. Don't be surprised if you meet up with this Chinese Warlord.  Fully air conditioned, it provides a very conducive and cosy setting for steamboat even during lunch. The best part about dining here is that the steamboat ingredients comes in a push cart much like the Dim Sum trolly. You can have your pick of ingredients or you can just order it from the menu which will be delivered to your table and with that, it is what is known as served to table ala carte buffet.

Picture Courtesy of Chun Ciou Facebook

To start off your buffet, there are 2 main things for steamboat that set it apart from all other competitors, the first is the special sauce and the second is the broth that is offered. For the sauce, you can try out the Chun Ciou Golden Egg Yolk sauce concoction which you can start off with the addition of the Sesame sauce, egg yolk, chopped scallion and shichimi (Japanese Chilli Powder).

You can also try out their other sauce selection which includes Satay Sauce, Fruit Sauce, Thai Chilli Sauce and more.

Chun Ciou Hot Pot offers 6 soup based which is the 壽喜湯底Sukiyaki Soup, 湖盐汤底Lakesalt Soup, 高级豚骨汤底 Tonkatsu Soup, 蒙古麻辣汤底 Spicy Soup, 台湾药膳汤底 Herbal Soup and 东炎汤底 Tomyam Soup. We tasted the Sukiyaki and Lake Salt. For us, we prefer the Lake Salt broth as the Sukiyaki has a sweeter note.

On offer under the sliced meat are the 将军霜降牛 Australian Striploin,

霜王雪花牛 Australian Ribeyes, 诸葛嫩肩里肌羊 Lamb Shoulder Roll, 干将梅花猪 Pork Belly, 莫邪烟熏猪前腿 Pork Shoulder, 春秋鸡柳条 Chicken Fillet and 金陵樱桃鸭 Duck Roll and more.

Other sides dishes that you can order are the Udon noodles, Glass Noodles, Spinach noodles, Beancurd skin, Tofu Puff, Fried Bread Stick.

Picture Courtesy of Chun Ciou Facebook

Another one that you must try out is the Chun Ciou 卤肉饭 Braised pork rice.

From the list of imported items are the 芥未丸 Wasabi ball,  芝麻烧 Hot sesame bun, 章鱼烧 Taro fish ball, 诚心丸 Sincere Ball, 咖啦鱼丸 Curry Fish Ball,

芝士海鲜豆腐 Cheese Fish Tofu, 芝士虾丸 Cheese Prawn Ball, 虾球王 Premium Prawn Ball, 红心丸 Red Heart Ball and more.

The side dishes that are available are the Fresh Vegetables, Carrot, Abalone mushroom to name a few.

For Dessert, Chun Ciou Hot Pot offers the special Red bean soup, ice cream and the refreshing Sweet Lemon Slice to cleanse your palate.

Prices for the buffet are shown above.

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