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KUALA LUMPUR FOOD: EL IBERICO PAVILION is a pork haven for those that love pork; to be precise IBERICO pork. As the name implies, the restaurant serves this speciality pork which is imported from Spain.

EL IBERICO PAVILION Spanish Wine and Beers

EL IBERICO PAVILION is located Lot C4.05.01 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. If you are game for Spanish food for a change, this is the restaurant that will tantalize your Spanish tastebuds. Spanish cuisine is heavily influenced by historical processes that shaped local culture and society in some of Europe Iberian Peninsula territories.

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Iberico Black Pig

I have always wondered about what is so special about Iberian Black pig and white pig; is the Iberian pig is a lot sturdier, tough, active and highly adaptable to the environment. They are usually raised in a free-range open field in Spain.

Spanish Wine and Beers

One of the main characteristics of Iberico is their body ability to directly metabolizes whatever they eat into fats and fatty acids thereby infusing the taste of their feed within their flesh. In Spain, there are a lot of Oaktree and since these Iberian pig feeds on Acorn as they roam about in open fields, you will find the nutty aroma of Acron in the meat.

Gambas Al Ajilio

Starting our Spanish tasting, the first thing we indulge was in the restaurant TAPAS offering. We had 2 Tapas order; the first of which is a seafood offering which is the Gambas Al Ajilio which has 6 pieces of prawns in oil with garlic and dried chillies (RM30.00). This tapas is served with toasted baguette which is used to scoop up the spicy garlic flavoured oil.

Crispy Belly Strips

and this is followed by the Crispy Belly Strips (RM22.00). This dish is superb pairing to an icy cold Spanish beer. The restaurant offers a few Spanish branded beers along with some Spanish speciality cocktails and liquor for you to pair with their Tapas offering.

Original Iberico Pork Ribs

Next on; we move on with the main reason we are here; which is to taste the Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs. There are 3 flavours of Iberico Pork ribs that are served here. the first of which is the Original Ribs (RM78.00). This original flavour is marinated with only Salt and Pepper which ensure that you are able to taste the natural taste of the Iberico pork.

El Iberico Pork Ribs Tasting Platter

According to Chef Ben, all the ribs that are served at the El Iberico Pavilion are marinated for a full 24 hours, then braised for a good 2 hours to infused the taste into the meat. The end result is a succulent textured flavoured ribs meat that leaves you wanting for more. The layers of fat were luscious and have a nice melt in mouth experience.

Herbs & Spices Iberico Pork Ribs

Our second ribs are then followed by the Herbs & Spices flavour  (RM78.00). The marination of the ribs are the special chef herbs, salt, pepper and paprika. This flavour which is cooked with dashes of Paprika is also imported from Spain to enable one to resemblance to that original taste. The paprika has a very mild taste and one that we like as it is not overpowering the other herbs flavours.

Beers and Honey Mustard Iberico Pork Ribs

and the last flavour; which is a crowd favourite is Beers and Honey Mustard (RM78.00). As it is marinated with beers, honey and mustard, it has a slight tendency of a little sweeter than the 2 other flavours. All the 3 ribs are served with roasted vegetables.

Of the 3 flavours, I like the original flavours which one can really taste the true natural pork flavours of the Iberico meat.

Spanish Paella Valenciana

A dish that you must not miss when dining Spanish at El Iberico is the Paella Valenciana (RM78.00). Here at EL IBERICO PAVILION, it is served with a variety of seafood which is Squid, Prawns and Mussels with capsicum. We like the rice texture as it is not too soft. According to the Chef, the rice is also imported from Spain.

Crema Catalana

Finishing our Spanish dining experience is a dessert named Crema Catalana (RM16.00). It resembles much to French Creme Brulee with the caramelized sugar on top of the custard. It is then topped with strawberries and blueberries to blend the berries taste into the custard.

Vanilla Smoothies and Chocolate Milk Shake

If you are game for a more sweet craving, you might want an order of the Vanilla Smoothies or an order of Chocolate Milk Shake. The Vanilla Smoothies are smouldered with a layer of peanut vanilla sauce that we think was a nice touch of a savoury blend to the smoothies.


Overall, it was a nice Spanish delight with so many more dishes Spanish dishes that are being offered at El Iberico Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. For current promotion and offers, you can check out El Iberico Pavilion Kuala Lumpur facebook page


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