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HANA Tei 花の亭 Bangsar Lucky Garden Kuala Lumpur - Foie Gras Indulgence Japanese Style

HANA Tei 花の亭 Bangsar Lucky Garden Kuala Lumpur

JAPANESE FOOD BANGSAR: There are many Japanese Restaurant in Bangsar. We recently came across Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant which is located at No.8, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. It is at the Lucky Garden Bangsar to be precise (you can check out the location from the map below).

HANA Tei Bangsar Lucky Garden

This newly opened restaurant about 3 months ago serves some speciality Japanese dishes. The ambience is one set for a modern dining experience which will cater to family and business dining.

HANA Tei Bangsar Lucky Garden

HANA Tei is Pork Free Japanese Restaurant and helming the kitchen is En Azhar which has more than 30 years of working experience to dish out some of his speciality dishes to excite your tastebuds.

You can watch our full review on our Youtube Channel.

HANA Tei 花の亭 Bangsar Lucky Garden Kuala Lumpur

HANA Tei 花の亭 Bangsar Lucky Garden Kuala Lumpur

For most Japanese Restaurant they will boast about the seasonal fresh fish which are imported from Japan. But for today, the specialities on the menu at Hana Tei is Foie Gras. If you love Foie Gras and Japanese food, this fusion dish will surely whet your appetite. Here we get to taste out 3 different variations of the Foie Gras (scroll down for more information).

Imo Stick

To start off our dinner for the meal, we had the Imo Stick - Baked Japanese Sweet Potato Stick with Honey and Cheese dipping. A nice dish presentation; it should be eaten warm to ensure that you have a nice bite texture.

Shake Sashimi

This is then followed by the Shake Sashimi. The sashimi came as much bigger chunks (30 gram per pc) instead of the thin slices. We love it as it gives a much succulent and bites texture. The freshness of the fish was evident upon our mouthful of salmon natural taste in it, This sashimi set comes with in-house grated wasabi that enhances the taste level of the Salmon.

Foie Gras Sushi

Next to follow is the Foie Gras feast. As mention, we were served 3 variations of it starting with the Foie Gras Sushi. The generous serving of 30gram of Foie Gras gives a nice firm taste of the Foie Gras.

Unagi Foie Gras Sushi

Next on is the Unagi Foie Gras Sushi. This sushi is topped with a piece of grilled unagi sushi.

Foie Gras Sandwich

and the final one which is not on the menu is the Foie Gras Sandwich which is sandwiched between 2 grill pieces of Unagi. Each of the 3 Foie Gras has one thing in common, the Foie Gras was well executed as it does not have the gamey smell and was nicely cooked to preserve the texture and taste. We enjoyed all the 3 variations but for me, my top pick was the second one as the combination of the grilled unagi and foie gras was well balanced with the sushi rice which I topped it up with the grated wasabi.

Seafood Teppanyaki

For Teppanyaki, we were served the Seafood Teppanyaki. It comes with a combination of white squid, prawns, scallop, a piece of Salmon and oyster which is wrapped in a mini omelette. Teppan-grilled to the right balance, it retains the succulency and bouncy texture of the seafood. Served with a side of grilled garlic which is a nice add-on for those that loves their garlic.

Maguro Wafu Steak

The second Teppan dish is the Teppan Maguro Wafu Steak which is a Teppan Tuna Steak. The Tuna steak is teppan grilled where it's outside is grilled while the inside is uncooked as highlighted by the deep red colour of the meat texture. It is then bedded with a cilantro sauce and served in a hot pan.

Shabu-Shabu Set

Our next dish is the Shabu-Shabu Set which comes with Australian Wagyu Beef Slices(200 gm). This set comes with a selection of vegetables such as leek, white cabbage, onions, tau foo and so on. The main is the wafer-thin slice strip loin which we will shabu it in the hot pot.

Shabu-Shabu Set

To start off the majority of the vegetables are immersed into the hot pot. Cooked in for a couple of minutes to extract the juices from the vegetable to the broth and you are all ready to shabu-shabu the meat. We love the broth and finish it to the last drop.

Hana Tei Gozen Bento Box

Our final dish is a Hana Tei Gozen Bento Box which is served all day in the restaurant. The Bento box is great value as it has a full set serving of various cooking style in all. First, you will have the sashimi combo, a piece of grilled salmon, grilled unagi, fried soft shell crab, a tomago and mochi for dessert. The Bento box is also served with chawanmushi and soup.

Ume (Plum) Jelly

For dessert, Hana Tei has a specially concocted Ume (Plum) Jelly which has a sourish taste to cleanse your palate. The dessert is served chilled and it has a very refreshing after taste.

HANA Tei 花の亭 Bangsar Lucky Garden Promotion

For the latest promotion and menu, you can check out Hana Tei Facebook page or Hana Tei Website

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