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CHEZ GASTON Bangsar By Rendez Vous @ Bangsar Utama Kuala Lumpur

CHEZ GASTON By Rendez Vous @ Bangsar Utama

BANGSAR FOOD - FRENCH: There isn't much French food restaurant in KL serving authentic French cuisine; even if you could find one; the prices that are charged can be quite pricey.

We came upon Chez Gaston By Rendez Vous at Bangsar Utama which was open a couple of months ago. Chez Gaston by Rendez-Vous is a traditional French restaurant and bar which is located at 12 Jalan Bangsar Utama 9, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

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The concept of the restaurant is to let its customers enjoy authentic French cuisine at an affordable price in a laid-back dining environment; in which one can truly relax and enjoy the great food and drinks with family and friends. 

CHEZ GASTON By Rendez Vous @ Bangsar Utama

Owner and Chef Florian Nigen’s family has run a well-known restaurant in Bretagne in France for over 30 years. He puts all his knowledge and heart into preparing a wide selection of typical French meaty and seafood dishes along with delicious French desserts to excite everyone’s taste buds. He was also the partner of Rendez Vous in Bangsar.

Plateau De Charcuterie

For our tasting, we were first served with a starter/appetizer. It is a platter that is filled with cold cut meat, terrine, pate and cheese. This platter which is called "Plateau De Charcuterie (RM99.00)" consists of Parma Ham, Saucission, Iberico Ham, five slices of pate/terrine - Chef choices (deer terrine, pork rillettes, rabbit terrines, wild boar terrines, salmon terrines). If you are a fan of foie gras, you can have it as an add-on to this platter.

Freshly Baked Baguette

The platter is also served with air-dried duck breast, two types of cheese, gherkins and onion jam. The cold meat and pate were perfect with the in-house freshly baked baguette.

Soupe De Poissons

For the soup;  we were served Soupe De Poissons (RM17.00) - At first, we thought we had a poison soup but with an additional 's' it means fish in French. This home-cooked dish is from Chef Flo father recipe. Four types of sea fish are boiled to extract its full natural fish taste. You can taste the rich fish flavour in every spoonful of the soup which is blended with tomato. fennel and herbs.

Soupe De Poissons

This soup is served with rouille sauce, croutons and Emmental cheese which is added to the soup.

Cuisse de poulet grille fromagerie

Next, we had a dish from the Grill menu; It is the Cuisse de poulet grille fromagerie (RM36.00) - a grilled chicken chop which is served with slow-cooked capsicums and topped with a piece of Goat Cheese with Honey and coarse black pepper. The result is you get a sweet taste from the honey and when eaten with the savoury cheese will intrigue your tastebud. This dish is a hate it or like it dish. For me, I personally find it a very interesting combination of taste.

Loup De Mer Au Safran

The second mains from the sea; is the Loup De Mer Au Safran (RM43.00). The pan-fried sea-bass was topped with the addictive saffron creamy sauce.

Boeuf Bourguignon

The final main dish that we had is the Boeuf Bourguignon (RM48.00). Soft Australian beef cheek is braised for more than 8 hours giving the meat a fork-tender texture and melt in the mouthfeel. This is my personal best of the 3 mains that we had. You can taste the intense flavours of the red wine sauce with the taste of the beef all in one. We have to order another round of baguette to lick off the sauce from the plate.

Creme Brulee Vanille

Desserts are a must have when dining French style; we had 3 desserts starting with the familiar Creme Brulee Vanille (RM12.00). As I am not a really sweet tasting person; we have to take off the top layer of the caramelized sugar to get vanilla custard that we like. But for a sweet tooth, it will be marvellous to eat it with the caramelized sugar all in.

Ile Flottante

Next, we had the Ile Flottante (RM11.00). The Chef has put in a fair amount of effort to present this soft meringue which is floated on an island of egg and vanilla custard. The meringue is then topped with slices of roasted almond. For the sweet tooth, you will probably crazed for this.

Mousse Au Chocolat

The last dessert is the Mousse Au Chocolat (RM11.00). Of all the 3 desserts that were served, this is the most plain looking one, but when I take a spoonful of it, I just love the strong rich taste of the Ghana chocolate taste.

Overall, it was indeed a nice tasting experience to try out some of the new French flavours from Chef Flo. For the information, Chez is not the French word for Chef but it means "at or in the home". So, Chez Gaston literally means at the house of GASTON. You can check out our previous dining experience at Rendez Vous. 

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